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Georgiana T

Georgiana is the local caricaturist for the municipality of Corvallis, and Benton County, OR. She started in the caricature business during her sophomore year at the University of Hartford in 1985. She walked through the eye of hurricane Gloria on September 25th, 1985 to interview for her first job doing caricatures at a panabaord display promo at the Hartford Coliseum, and she has been doing them ever since.

Her specialties are working at birthday parties, fairs, company picnics, business parties, graduation parties, orientation festivities, etc. She also enjoys working at fund raisers. Georiana is very flexible and enjoys doing any and all kinds of events. She graduated from the University of Hartford with a BFA in 1988. Her 4 yr degree however, has nothing to do with her business, A college friend of hers suggested she interview for that first caricature job, and she is sure glad she did.

Georgiana has also done a lot of work in the field of autism, special education, and consulting for an A.I.T. Auditory Integration Training Practice. She still does some work in the field of autism, but to pursue her caricature career more fervently, she's had to get away from teaching and consulting to make more time for caricatures. Georgiana and her family all love the wide open country of Oregon.


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  • Eugene, OR
  • Salem, OR

Georgiana T will travel for an additional fee!

Drawing Speeds (drawing speeds are an indication of what the artist is capable of and are not guaranteed)

  • Traditional Caricatures:
    • B & W Heads Only: 20-35 people per hour
    • B&W Body / Gag: 15-20 people per hour
    • Color Heads Only: 10-15 people per hour
    • Color Body / Gag: 6-10 people per hour


    • $150/hour, with a 2 hour minimum.*

    *All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.