About "About Faces"

About Faces has been providing entertainment at events since 1989. Mike Hasson, the founder and owner, started the company drawing caricatures. As his customers began requesting additional caricature artists at their parties, our popularity grew, and we started down the road to being what we are today – a full service agency providing all types of entertainment at corporate events and private parties. 

We are located in Ellicott City, Maryland, and provide entertainers of all types nationwide. Our group of talent ranges from clowns and strolling magicians to stilt-walkers and face painters, with many others in between. All of our entertainers are professionals and many are members of professional organizations.

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Mike Hasson, owner, chief muckety muck, head honcho, captain of industry, big businessman, grand pubah, and all around Really Important Guy. 

Also, he takes the trash out to the dumpster on Fridays, and he picks up poop after the office dog.

Dana Woodson, Booking Agent, Online Presence Mistress

Obsessed with Henry Winkler's portrayal of The Fonz on Happy Days, Dana frequently stops, midconversation, to stare you in the eyes and, leaning back with two thumbs up, utters the iconic, "Ayyyyyyy!"

Caricature by Mike Hasson


Morgan Roach, Team Leader, Invoicing Diva, Booking Agent

Her favorite Sesame Street character is Snuffaluffagus, because, well, look at him.  SEXY!  

Caricature by Mike Hasson

Steven Isaac, Booking Agent
Raised by a marauding band of wild Guinea pigs, Steven learned to defend himself the hard way, by watching Mulan, again and again, until he got it.  He is not to be messed with.  I mean...tattoos.



Caricature by Mike Hasson

Jamey McElroy, Supervisor, Resident IT Wizard, Booking Agent
He models his every action after the immortal Ron Burgundy and lives for the day when he, too, will be able to sport a dreamy Burt Reynoldsesque 80s stache.

   Caricature by Mike Hasson

Emily Hasselman, Team Leader, Confirmations Queen, Booking Agent

Voted by her college classmates 'most likely to fit an entire cheese puff in one nostril,' Emily makes every effort to exceed expectations.  (She's working on fitting two cheese puffs in there).  



Caricature by Emily A

Bunny Morgan, Event Sheets Maven, Booking Agent

Considered by many to be the worlds preeminent authority on onomatopoeia, Bunny spends her weekends and evenings crossing out the bad words from dirty limericks with a red crayon.


Audrey Hasson, writer

Audrey looks like she's an adorable 11 year old, but in reality, she's a bitter,twisted old man, masquerading as a ghost to scare meddling kids, and perfecting his plans to take over the tri-state area for evil.  Until that is complete, she writes our monthly company newsletter.


Kacie Norton, Webstickler

Kacie makes magic happen on the web, creating and maintaining our performer listings.  She was recently voted 'Most Likely to Give Treats' by the dog's association of About Faces Entertainment.

Terra Harding, Webstickler

Interestingly, Terra holds the current Guinness World record for largest retractable toenails.  She wears very expensive orthopedic shoes with holes in the toes to allow her nails to shoot out, Wolverine style, whenever she feels threatened.  She is an extremely dangerous soccer player.  (Terra is also currently our most senior agent, having started with us in September of 2012).

Caricature by Mike Hasson
photo of Benny the dog

Benny, Office Dog

Benny is a seasoned, veteran agent, and is in charge of training new agents and eating cardboard. He does not put his nose in trash cans. He does not.


Pam Hasson, Uncertified Private Accountant

Beautiful Pam Hasson handles the books. She cashes our client's checks, and, just as quickly, sends out checks to the performers. Emergency calls on the weekend get routed directly to her, and then she yells at Mike, her husband. So don't make any emergency calls.

Caricature by Mike Hasson
These are Pam and Mike's little girls, Maddie, Kayleigh and Audrey. Maddie is a budding caricature artist. Kayleigh is about ready to take over the business. And Audrey is planning on becoming a clown (she practices a lot). Aren't they horribly, horribly cute? 
Mike Hasson, Ownermike@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Jamey McElroy, Supervisor, Agentjamey@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Steven Isaac, Agentsteven@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Emily Hasselman, Team Leader, Confirmations Manager, Agentemily@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Dana Woodson, Online Presence Mistress, Agentdana@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Morgan Roach, Team Leader, Invoicing, Agentmorgan@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Bunny Morgan, Event Sheet Maven, Agentbunny@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Audrey Hasson, Writeraudrey@aboutfacesentertainment.com
Pam Hasson, Uncertified Public Accountant







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