Caricature Artists, Henna Tattoo Artists, Face Painters and More!

About "About Faces"

About Faces has been providing entertainment at events since 1989. Mike Hasson, the founder and owner, started the company drawing caricatures. As his customers began requesting additional caricature artists at their parties, our popularity grew, and we started down the road to being what we are today – a full service agency providing all types of entertainment at corporate events and private parties. 

We are located in Ellicott City, Maryland, and provide entertainers of all types nationwide. Our group of talent ranges from clowns and strolling magicians to stilt-walkers and face painters, with many others in between. All of our entertainers are professionals and many are members of professional organizations.

Check out our Clients' Comments on our staff and our entertainers!

Mike Hasson is the owner, the Chief Muckety Muck, Head Honcho, Captain of Industry, Big Businessman, Grand Pubah, and all around Really Important Guy.
Also, he takes the trash out to the dumpster on Fridays, and he picks up poop after the office dog.
Chris Metzger is our webmaster extraordinairre and IT expert. Don't piss him off. He'll hack into your bank account and leave you penniless. Like the sly leer in the photo? He thinks it's sexy. It's not.
Aryn Everts, agent
Don't make Aryn mad. You wouldn't like her when she's mad. Actually, none of us have ever seen her mad. She is always happy. We think she might be drinking.
photo of Aryn Everts

photo of Aryn Everts

Caricature by Sean Gardner
photo of Candace Cooper Candace Cooper, agent
With one foot firmly ensconced in the world of drama and art, Candace boldly puts her other foot into the world of booking talent. An Oscar is definitely not out of reach. Talk to her now, while she's still speaking to us little people.
photo of Candace Cooper

photo of Jessica Steedman, 

about faces agent

Kacie Norton, agent
Kacie is a fiery redhead, and she handles motherhood and dog ownership with equal aplomb. Whatever you need, she'll get 'er done.
Terra Harding, agent
Terra is the  youngest member of our staff. Be not deceived by that innocent grin; she is tough. Don't treat her with kid gloves...break her in hard!
Lisa Romero, agent

Rockin’ events all day every day, Lisa hones in her inner “Gene Simmons” spirit to book your events with diligence. 

Morgan Dailey, agent

She is a brand spankin' new agent, and bears a striking resemblance to a popular county music icon.

Kayleigh Hasson, writer
Kayleigh is convinced she's the smartest one in any room, even though she's thirteen. And she might be right. She’s been helping to create and send out our monthly newsletter since August of 2012.
Matt Berry, Web Updater
Matt is the office ghost. Never there but always working. He is the one making all the updates to the website so if you want to be listed on the site, let Mike know and he will use his Sixth Sense to get the info to Matt.
photo of Benny the dog Benny, office dog
Benny is a seasoned, veteran agent, and is in charge of training new agents and eating cardboard. He does not put his nose in trash cans. He does not.
Pam Hasson, uncertified private accountant
Beautiful Pam Hasson handles the books. She cashes the client's checks, and, just as quickly, sends out checks to the performers. Emergency calls on the weekend get routed directly to her, and then she yells at Mike, her husband. So don't make any emergency calls.
These are Pam and Mike's little girls, Maddie, Kayleigh and Audrey. Maddie is a budding caricature artist. Kayleigh is about ready to take over the business. And Audrey is planning on becoming a clown (she practices a lot). Aren't they horribly, horribly cute?

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Mike Hasson, owner
Chris Metzger, webmaster
Kacie Norton, agent
Aryn Everts, agent
Candace Cooper, agent
Lisa Romero, agent
Terra Harding, agent
Morgan Dailey, agent
Kayleigh Hasson,
Pam Hasson, uncertified private accountant