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Books about Balloon Sculptors


Here are some books on Balloon Sculpting.  This list is by no means comprehensive, but rather contains just a few good books to get you started. Feel free to email me the names of any others you think are noticeably lacking and I’ll include them as well.  

  • Doodle Art Super Tube: Hot Air Balloons (Doodle Art), by Jodi Huelin
  • How to Become a Balloon Artist and Make Up to $100,000 a Year: An Expert's Step-By-Step Guide, by Charles Prosper
  • Hot Air Balloons: Medium Tube (Doodle Art), by Jodi Huelin
  • Balloon Sculpting: a Fun and Easy Guide to Making Balloon Animals, Toys, and Games/Book and Balloons
  • Twisting History: Lessons in Balloon Sculpting, by Larry Moss David Kalvitis
  • Totally WAY Cool Balloons, by Harry Walmsley
  • The Big Book of Balloons: Create Almost Anything for Every Party and Holiday, by Captain Visual
  • The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Kit, by Addi Somekh
  • Balloonicature : The Many Faces of Balloon Art, by Larry Moss
  • The Ultimate Balloon Book, by Shar Levine, Michael Ouchi
  • Captain Visual's Big Book of Balloon Art!, by Captain Visual