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Books about Caricature Artist

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Here are some books on caricature.  This list is by no means even remotely comprehensive, but rather is just what I pulled off of my shelf.  Feel free to email me the names of any others you think are noticeably lacking and I’ll include them as well.  

  • The Savage Mirror, The Art of Contemporary Caricature, by Steven and Gail Anderson.
  • L'Art de la Caricature, A la Portee de Tous, by Jan Opdebeeck
  • Pens and Needles
  • Literary Caricatures by David Levine, Introduced and Selected by John Updike
  • The Art of Jack Davis, by Hank Harrison
  • The Complete Book of Caricature, by Bob Staake
  • Stars, by Sebastian Kruger
  • How to Draw Caricatures, by Lenn Redman
  • Caricatures (Learn to Draw), by Alex Hughes
  • Hirschfeld's Hollywood The Film Art of Al Hirschfeld, by David Leopold
  • Let's Toon CARICATURES, by my friend, Keelan Parham
  • Party of 1, Roadkill of an Itinerant Caricaturist, by my friend, Sam Klemke