Books on Impersonators


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Here are some books on Impersonators and Impersonating.  This list is by no means comprehensive, but rather contains just a few good books to get you started. Feel free to email me the names of any others you think are noticeably lacking and I’ll include them as well.  

  • Made You Look!  Who Do You Look Like?, by Denise Bella Vlasis
  • You've Got The Look.  The How to Celebrity Lookalike Guide, by Denise Bella Vlasis
  • Showtime, by Bea Fogelman
  • CopyCats, by Bea Fogelman
  • Be Elvis! A Guide to Impersonating the King, by Rick Marino, Adam Woog  
  • I, Elvis: Confessions of a Conterfeit King, by William McCranor Henderson  
  • Who's Not Who: Celebrity Impersonators and the People Behind the Curtain, by Bea Fogelman
  • In Search of the King, by Craig Gelfand
  • Stark Raving Elvis/#08303, by William McCranor Henderson
  • Impersonating Elvis, by Leslie Rubinkowski  
  • The King & I: A Little Gallery of Elvis Impersonators, by Karin Pritikin, Kent Barker
  • I Am Elvis: A Guide to Elvis Impersonators, by American Graphic Systems, Leslie Wells