Impersonators - Photos!

Here are some pictures of our impersonators hard at play, making your party fun!   Click on any photo to enlarge the image.


FDR, Nixon, Groucho, Eva Gabor, and Ronald Reagan make an unlikely group!

Sherri Lareaux strikes a pose as Cher

Then she grabs a guest and makes him Sonny!

Jim Nieb is Austin Powers

Billy Finch gets no respect as Rodney Dangerfield!

Lucy grins...

Groucho is in heaven with Marilyn by his side!

Mae West says come hither,

Babe Ruth and a whole gang of historical figures!

and Joan Rivers wants to know if we can talk!

If you've had one of our impersonators at an event and taken pictures of them, we'd love to post them.  Please contact us!