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Aashiyana P - California Henna Tattoo Artists

Aashiyana P

Aashiyana always loved henna art, so her mom learned henna for her. At the age of 9, Aashiyana was so curious about henna that she started copying her mom's designs. She had a lot of fun, as she was already good at drawing. Once her practice designs were up to par, and her mom had taught her how to make the paste and cone for henna, Aashiyana started offering her own henna designs in her mom's saloon, at just 10 years old! When she was 12, she participated in a henna competition with 200 participants, and she got first place. She became an artist because of her mom.

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  • Antioch, CA

Aashiyana P will travel for an additional fee!

Tattoo Speeds

10-15 henna tattoo designs per hour depending on the complexity of requests


  • $150/hour, with a 2 hour minimum.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.