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Andrea M - Colorado Caricature Artists

Andrea M

Andrea was first exposed to caricature about a dozen years ago when she was working as a stunt performer at Casa Bonita. She was all inspired, ran over and asked how to get into it. The resident artist said to draw some sketches and write down how long it took. "How long does it need to take" ""5 minutes for black and white". So Andrea went home to draw up some samples - worked at it for hours - but couldn't come up with anything she liked in less than 20 minutes.

But she was determined to get up to speed - and a couple years later moved to New York where she learned to draw much faster and funnier. Since then she has drawn thousands of people at theme parks (most recently Elitch Gardens - after she moved back to Colorado this spring), birthday parties, corporate events, hospitals, and other venues.

In addition to caricature, Andrea has 8 years professional experience working as a clown (as well as a face painter and a very elaborate balloon artist) and is also an actress and improviser (who has earned her Equity card, and has a BA in Theatre as well as a certificate from a two year actors training program). So when you book her you get not just an artist, but also an entertainer - who can talk while she draws without losing speed or concentration.

In NY she earned a reputation both for talent and professionalism and is now back in Colorado to entertain at your event!

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  • Boulder, CO
  • Denver, CO
  • Colorado Springs, CO

Andrea M will travel for an additional fee!

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