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Bret H - Colorado Mimes

Bret H

Bret was born in DeKalb in 1961. He learned pantomime in the early 70’s and studied with Marcel Marceau in 1982. He began to perform professionally in 1979, appearing on WGN’s Bozo’s Circus in the late ‘80s. Hamilton has performed in New York, Illinois, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts, California, and Louisiana.

Bret has a bachelors degree in English and a Masters in Dance. Bret also danced and/or choreographed with dance companies and theater productions in Wisconsin, Mississippi, Massachusetts, and Illinois. He has performed in rock bands, on radio and television, talent, variety, vaudeville shows, improvisational comedy, speech tournaments, performance art, opera, storytelling, and folk music. Bret taught Ballroom dance in Springfield, Massachusetts and at the DeKalb Park District for a decade.

His daughters (Grace, 18 and Zoë, 14) are dancers as well, and his wife, Ann, and he are working on his son (Eli, 11). He likes to keep moving!!

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  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Pueblo, CO

Bret H will travel for an additional fee!


Strolling: Pantomime strolling involves a lot of the oldies but goodies. Walk invisible dogs, walk against the wind, walk tightrope, swim, pose as a statue, get trapped in glass rooms, climb the sidewalk, sit down and have a drink (no chair or glass), ride invisible bikes, do cartwheels and handsprings, fall in love with passing strangers, and many other things. Bret will play with and interact with people, but does not provoke or mock them. And he is particularly good at being a monkey: walking, climbing, rolling around like a chimp.

Stage Show: 30-40 minutes. Skits with storylines and a theme. His show is great for families and audiences of all ages because they seem to share with each other what they understand. Bret's act is fun and energetic. He has a precise mime technique that creates a strong illusion and he combines it with gymnastics and shtick. And of course Bret never speaks when wearing mime make up, not at all!


Strolling: $200/hr with a two hour minimum.

Stage Show: $280 for the show description outlined above.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.
**Special rates may apply for the more elaborate costumes and the fee does vary per costume.