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Southwestern Montana Clowns

Our Southwestern Montana Clowns are a favorite for children and have a whole variety of skills including: simple magic, balloons, face painting, and more!  Some of our clowns can even juggle, ride unicycle, play guitars, or walk on stilts, your imagination is the limit! So whether your clown is strolling, performing at a big show or just for your child's birthday, everybody loves a clown!

Strolling: Clowns are a great addition to your party when they stroll throughout, doing a bit of face painting here, some magic there, sculpting balloons, and entertaining all children along the way. 

Birthday Parties: Are you having a birthday party where you would like a clown to perform a show?  Clowns are perfect at birthdays!

 Shows:  Adults love clowns, too  Whether it's a hobo clown performing a vaudeville show, or a zany auguste clown doing pratfalls on stage, we can make you and your guests laugh.

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