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George S - Connecticut Caricature Artists

George S

George's first published work came at the age of three. It was a black and white drawing of a rabbit with a very large head and a Charlie Chaplin-esque moustache. Don’t ask him why the rabbit had a moustache because to this day he has no idea.

Despite the fact that without his glasses he could only see about four inches in front of his face, he continued drawing throughout his childhood and into adulthood. As a child his favorite subjects were the action-adventure and sci-fi cartoon characters of the 1980s and his tastes have shifted surprisingly little in the intervening years. He now enjoys illustrating scenes from classic adventure fiction and sci-fi novels such as "The Lost World" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

George pursued a degree in illustration at Paier College of Art in Connecticut where he studied under some of the finest oil painters since the days of the old masters.

He quickly learned, however, that oils were not his strong suit, so he decided to stick with pencil and pen combined with digital media, which is much cleaner and far less smelly than those large vats of turpentine and linseed oil. Also while at Paier he learned the art of caricature and has been loving it ever since. He still gets a huge kick out of being able to create something from nothing and he hopes that will never change.

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  • Stamford, CT
  • Bridgeport, CT
  • Hartford, CT
  • Manchester, CT
  • New Haven, CT
  • New London, CT
  • Norwich, CT
  • Waterbury, CT
  • Greenwich, CT
  • Fairfield, CT
  • Danbury, CT
  • Cheshire, CT

George S will travel for an additional fee!

Drawing Speeds (drawing speeds are an indication of what the artist is capable of and are not guaranteed)

  • Traditional Caricatures:
    • B & W Heads Only: 10-15 people per hour
    • B&W Body / Gag: 8-10 people per hour
    • Color Heads Only: 8-10 people per hour
    • Color Body / Gag: 6-8 people per hour


    • $150/hour, with a 2 hour minimum.*

    *All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.