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Kevin B - Maryland Jugglers

Kevin B

Kevin is a native of Baltimore, MD and he made his break into show business at the age of 17 performing at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. After graduating from high school he attended the world famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College where he was chosen to perform and travel with The Greatest Show on Earth.  After 3 years and over 500 performances in more than 80 cities, Kevin ran away from the circus and joined a home. For the past 15 years Kevin has honed his craft as a variety entertainer in a multitude of ways:  1984-87 – 3 National tours with Ringling Bros. Circus; 1988-92 - Resident Magic bartender at Hail Columbia in upstate NY. (4 star restaurant.); 1990-93 – Performance Director /Featured performer with Yankee Doodle Circus. (30 city tour); 1993-96 – Senior Artist Instructor with the National Circus Project. (250 school appearances); 1996-??- Father / Entrepreneur / Vaudeville Entertainer.

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  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Frederick, MD
  • Rockville, MD
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Potomac, MD
  • Arlington, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Fairfax, VA
  • Annapolis, MD

Kevin B will travel for an additional fee!


Strolling: Bringing his entire collection of skills into play, Kevin mixes juggling, comedy, circus, magic and mayhem into a unique blend of fun entertainment. Experience amazing feats of dexterity, try your hand at spinning a plate or ball, be confounded by unexplained phenomena and just have fun. Ideal for any type of gathering or event and any mix of ages. (Festivals, corporate gatherings, school assemblies, conventions and more…) This act can also be tailored to fit your special occasion. (i.e. Waiter, Host, CEO, Clown etc…) Also available as all magic, all juggling etc….

Stage Show: Kevin's signature stage show. Be astounded by amazing feats of dexterity and hilarity. This show combines audience participation, exciting circus skills and other amazing acts, including plate spinning, juggling (up to 5 balls), assorted manipulation, amusing magic and the balancing of a 6-8 foot ladder (space permitting). Ideal for family audiences, this show can run 20-45 minutes.


Strolling: $170/hr with a two hour minimum.

Stage Show: $420 for the show description outlined above.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.

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