Terrific Hit!

The artists were an absolutely terrific hit—members who missed the welcome reception were bummed out and wished they had joined in, which is a good problem to have.

Philip Carlisle, ASPA

All of our guests enjoyed him!

All of our guests really enjoyed having him at our party!

Leslie - Human Circuit

It Went Great!

It went great. We had twice as many people this year that wanted their caricature done. Since the facility is expanding next year, we will have even more people so we will need him for both days, the 29th and 30th.

Sandra E., StarQuest

Knocked it Out of the Water!

[Mike H.] was the caricature artist for my son Jacob’s Birthday Party last weekend. I have booked with you guys before and the performers are good, but [Mike] knocked it out of the water. Each portrait he did was identical to the person. Every little facial detail he added to each portrait was on point. He is a great artist.
I work in the event industry and have seen caricature artists that are “good” but have the worst attitudes while on the job and I would never recommend them. And if a client of mine is thinking about using them, I will steer them away.
[Mike] was AWESOME and his personality matched it. I would highly recommend him to anyone that requires one.

Monica F.

A Fantastic Keepsake!

Everyone at our wedding raved about their digital portrait. It was an incredible experience for our guests! It was a fantastic keepsake for them.

Marly G.

Made the party special!

This is the second bat mitzvah where we asked Mike to create caricatures and everyone thought-with good reason-that he was just amazing. About 20 13 year olds asked for the craziest things and Mike creatively complied with their requests: “Make me a photographer taking a picture of Dorina being chased by a horse, being chased by a dog.” And Mike created a portrait of Felicia with a camera and made a thought balloon of a girl being chased by a horse, being chased by a dog. He also made a fabulous caricature of my husband as Noah on an Ark (which was my daughter’s bat mitzvah section). One girl said, “You know, most caricaturists make you look worse than real life, but he makes everyone look better than real life!” She was right.

Mike was also great about rescheduling at the last minute due to snow in October and came the following day in the afternoon. If you’d like me to send pictures of Mike in action, I’d be happy to send some. Just let me know.

He really made the party special and I’ve recommended him to colleagues for their parties.

Pamela Langer

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