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About Faces Entertainment's June 2010 Newsletter

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June 2010

Another Satisfied Customer for About Faces Entertainers!

"We are always amazed and delighted with the artistic talent of your caricature artists.  They do a wonderful job every year, and always have a long line of people waiting to have their likenesses captured.  Your people arrive on time and are extremely easy to work with.  The only problem we have is (of course) that they have to stop sometime, and the next person always hates not to be able to be included.  There is no doubt that About Faces will be contacted again next year.  Thanks so much" - Janice, MD

"The caricature artist and face painter were both fantastic.  We would book them again in the future if we have a need.  Thank you!" - Kimberly, NC

"Cheryl was a pleasure.  The girls loved her.  She showed up on time and did an amazing job with the faces...very professional work.  I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to have a face painter at their event." - Teresa, NJ

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Fathers Day
June 20, 2010

Fathers Day is right around the corner! What are you getting for your father? Book a caricature artist for your fathers day festivities today and give your dad a day he will remember forever!

Here are some fun fathers day facts to impress any dad!

1. Nearly 95 million Father's Day cards were given last year in the United States, making Father's Day the fourth-largest card-sending occasion.

2. The first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19 1910 in Spokane, Washington USA.

3. The necktie is the most common and famous Father's Day gift.

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Featured Entertainer
Marlene Goodman

Area of service (geographically): 
I serve the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs on up to around Milwaukee and northeastern Wisconsin and even northwestern Indiana. Most of my gigs come from Chicago and suburbs.  
Area of Service (what do you do?): 
Number of years in the business: 
I started about 1993 or '94 so it would be about 16-17 years in the biz.  
How did you get into the entertainment business? 
This is a weird story. I had been thinking about how I needed to find my niche. So many people do illustration and I wanted to do something that would allow me to be just a little different, to use what I have to offer that could single me out enough that I could have my own niche. Not long after that, I went into a book store in Evanston, IL (near Chicago) one day and there was a tarot card reader in there. Naturally I thought it would be fun to get a reading. After the reading we got to chatting and the reader told me how she was hired to do this at parties. Then she mentioned she also was hired to do caricatures at parties. I had no idea people hired artists to do that! She suggested how I could make samples of celebrities, contact party bookers and get some gigs going. I immediately went home and began my research and... as they say... the rest is history - or her-story. I started getting bookings within a few weeks.
What's your favorite type of event?
I love working the big corporate gigs during the holidays when there's a huge room full of people, there are lots of other artists there, music is going, people are in a great mood and I get to draw groups of folks who work together, where I can put in all sorts of humor that they can relate to in the office, take the art there, copy it and hang it in their cubicles. It's like being in on the inside jokes, which gives me a chance to really whip out my humor and take the challenge and make 'em roar with laughter. 

What's your most memorable event? 
So many precious moments, so little time.  
Here's one that remains in my mind....  
It was Sunday, Sept. 9, 2001 and I was one of several artists drawing at the annual Crown Family picnic held at their dairy farm in Wauconda, IL. There is always a huge turnout for this event hosted by Chicago's well-known philanthropic Crown Family, who invite their friends, family and associates to attend their "Chuck Wagon Days" picnic, usually held in June. They hire about 6 caricature artists and other entertainers for this fun, outdoor bash, held not far from the dairy cattle barn. On this day, the sky had turned dark and ominous. A couple of us artists were located under the open shelter where there was a magician entertaining the kids. I was drawing my first customer, an actor who told me he was headed for the West Coast on Sept. 12th - (or so he had planned). I looked at the darkening sky behind him and saw a dark, low-hanging cloud not too far away. I thought, this can't be good. I had just finished drawing his face when suddenly the wind kicked up and blew over a beverage table, shattering all the glasses as guests went running for a bus that came to take them to a closed shelter. The rain was horizontal, kids were screaming and huddling together at the center of the shelter while the magician was trying to calm them with close-up magic. While they were occupied I scrambled to cover my supplies to protect things from the blast, and was going from table to table covering drawing supplies and other goods with the table cloths. Yes, it was a micro burst, but as quickly as it came it went.  
            Things settled down, the sun came out, the kids were calmed and I went back to drawing. I completed my first drawing without my customer the actor being present. He disappeared in the excitement. I drew him holding a plate of food being blown over from an approaching tornado in the background, with a cow flying by as the actor is saying, "I didn't realize I was preparing for a Disaster film!"  So far, no tornadoes have interrupted any gigs for me. Whew!

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