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About Faces Entertainment's March 2010 Newsletter

March 2010


Spring is riiiiight around the corner and that means it's party time! Graduations, After-Prom parties, birthdays, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, whatever the occasion, we have you covered for entertainment. If you don't know what you're looking for but you know you want a memorable event, just give us a call or email and we will help you pick the best entertainment possible!

What are they saying about About Faces Entertainment?

Bob [Clinton Impersonator] rocked the place and he was very funny. - Ana, DC

We were thrilled with Teague [caricature artist] last night - he did an AMAZING job! - Katie, WA

He [Jerry, caricature artist] was wonderful. My campus loved his personality and his gift of art. - Patricia, VA

Having a caricature artist at our dealer market was a great addition!  Joel, the artist, arrived on schedule each day and did a first-class job.   He received a warm response from attendees.  Children and adults alike enjoyed watching and posing and were very appreciative of the likenesses he captured and the mementos that the drawings provided.   We feel fortunate to have had such a talented caricature artist available and would certainly recommend him and About Faces Entertainment to others.   You all made the process simple from beginning to end. - Jean, TX

St. Patrick's Day
March 17, 2010

Face Painting by Roberta M, MA artist

Face painting and St. Patrick's Day go hand in hand! Many people hire a painter to paint their group before going out for a night on the town. You can do clovers, leprechauns, pots of gold, the possibilities are endless really. Give us a call to book someone today!


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March Madness!
Caricature by Mike Jenkins, DC/VA

Colleges! It's Spring Fling Time!

Spring break is coming up fast for colleges and high schools. Does your school have a spring fling, March Madness, or any other kind of event this season? We book tons of caricature artists, face painters, henna artists, and magicians for spring events across the county every year. Get in on the fun today by calling 1-800-923-8669!

Here are some fun facts about spring to get you excited:

1. In the southern hemisphere, spring begins in September and lasts a full month longer.
2. The seasons are caused by the earth being tilted on its axis an average of 23.5 degrees.
3. The 1st day of Spring (or the Vernal Equinox) marks the beginning of the astrological year for Aries. (We have fortune tellers who would love to come to your party and tell every guest their fortune for the coming season!).

Click here to hire an entertainer for your spring celebration or any other party!!!

Featured Entertainer
Glenn Ferguson

Area of service (geographically):
I live and work in Orlando, Florida. I'll work most events in the central Florida area.

   Area of Service (what do you do?):
I'm a caricaturist, but I also do some graphic design, logo design, story-boarding, concept drawings, and most artistic endeavors.

 Number of years in the business:
I've been drawing as long as I can remember, but I've been a professional caricaturist for 17 years now.

  How did you get into the entertainment business?
  I got into the business by a sort of fate. I always wanted to do artwork for a living, and while working as a waiter in a nice hotel, I watched two caricature artists work the event I was waiting at. In the course of three hours, I watched them make what I was making in a week, and had a blast doing it. I pestered the artists until one of them was willing to look at my artwork. To my advantage, he also was the manager of the caricature concessions in Six Flags over Texas. His name was Chris Galvin. I owe him the gratitude of giving me the chance to jump start my career... A couple weeks later I found myself working in the theme park, and had quit my waiting job. I still currently work for Fasen Arts, but now I'm the manager of the caricature operations at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

  What's your favorite type of event?
My favorite types of events are basically anywhere I can draw live, but I enjoy smaller, more intimate parties of less than 100 people. There is a closeness and understanding of what caricature is and what I do, and people are having a nice time.

What's your most memorable event?
 I guess I'd have to recall one event at a nice hotel where the ballroom was terribly overcrowded, young people, with no supervision of any kind. A prom or something. Unbeknownst to us at the time, there were gang members there, rival gangs from the notorious Crips and Bloods gangs. To say the least, fighting broke out quickly, and eventually gunfire broke out. It was deafening inside the ballroom. I don't recall anyone getting hurt, but we got down on the floor and crawled our way out. Dozens and dozens of police and SWAT team members raided the hotel within minutes, and I was in a background footage on the news. Who knew caricature could be so dangerous?

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We love hearing your comments and questions, so if you have a suggestion for future articles or artists' features, or if you would like to book someone right away, send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-923-8669!
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