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About Faces Entertainment's October 2010 Newsletter

about faces entertainment

abby m face paint
Face paint by Abby M. FL.

October is my favorite month of the year by far! Fall is officially here, the air is crisp and cool, the leaves are changing, and the smell of Autumn is in the air! In just a few short weeks it will be Halloween, the kids will dress up as ghosts and goblins, or perhaps princesses and fairies! Planning the Halloween party of the year?  Hire a face painter to complete your guests costumes!
Another Satisfied Customer for About Faces Entertainment!
"We recently hired Jessica for face-painting at a wedding reception.  I asked for glitzy, mardi gras type painting.  She did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend her.  She exceeded my expectations and was equally popular with guys and girls.l"
- Susan, PA

"Dan Wild was excellent. We have hired him several years in a row for our event and people come because they know he will be there. We will definitely be calling again next year!
" - Jennifer, IL.

"We were very happy with our face painter and caricature artist. They arrived on time, were great with the kids. We could not have asked for more."
- Staci, MI

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Featured Entertainer
Sean Gardner

Where do you Serve?
Most of Pennsylvania , most of New Jersey, and willing to travel Delaware and Maryland

What type of Entertainment do you Provide?
Caricatures that are sure to create laughs and fun for the whole family

Number of years in the business:
Over 5

How did you get into the entertainment business?
 I picked up a summer job doing caricatures at my local theme park  (Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL) and fell in love with the art form. Live caricature work has allowed me to further my skills and push the art form to new levels.

What's your favorite type of event?
Ones where guests are ready to have a few laughs, weather it be at themselves or others.

What's your most memorable event?
 The best was at a wedding where everyone there were either family or very close friends and everyone seemed to have a great seance of humor about not only themselves but encouraged more exaggeration and funnier drawings. All night I seemed to play messenger of the family fun filled insults.

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Halloween Fun Facts!

creepy pumpkin
-The custom of Halloween was brought to America in the 1840's by Irish immigrants fleeing their country's potato famine. At that time, the favorite pranks in New England included tipping over outhouses and unhinging fence gates.

- 48 percent of Americans believe in ghosts.
Twenty-two percent of Americans say they've seen or felt a ghost.

- One of the "most filmed" movie characters is Dracula

-The first "Jack-O-Lanterns" were not pumpkins - they were hollowed-out turnips and originated in Ireland.

-Orange and black are Halloween colors because orange is associated with the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death.

Fun facts about the movie "Halloween"
-'Halloween" was made in only 21 days in 1978 on a very limited budget. 

-The movie was shot in the Spring and used fake autumn leaves.
-The mask used by Michael Myers in the movie "Halloween" was actually William Shatner's mask painted white.
-The character Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis was named after John Carpenter's first girlfriend.
-While the setting for the story is in Illinois, the license plates on the vehicles have California plates.

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