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About Faces Entertainment's August 2011 Newsletter

about faces entertainment

August is a time to savor the sun! Fall is right around the corner and that also means summer is almost over and no one knows this better than the children. August marks the final days to the summer vacation that they all live for, so why not try and make the end of the summer special by planning a fun filled party with some great entertainment! Bar b q's, pool parties, picnics, and even birthday parties can all be 10 times more fun with a clown, or a magician, a caricature artist or a face painter. So email us today to book your end of summer events!

Featured Entertainer: Ray Russoto

Where do you Serve?:

I service the South Florida area.


What type of Entertainment do you Provide?:  

I provide caricatures at parties and special events.


Number of years in the business:  

Thirty years - but it only seems like twenty nine.


How did you get into the entertainment business?  

Worked my first caricature gig through a lead from my college art professor. The job went well and I thought, "This wouldn't be a bad way to make a living; beats working."


What's your most memorable event?  

There have been many. One that stands out was when a local TV station produced a short feature on me for the evening news. They sent a reporter and camera man out to a job I was working and I was interviewed while sketching a subject. It was a little unnerving trying to give articulate responses while simultaneously drawing a caricature (that would be seen on TV!) But everything went fine and it was a thrill to see myself on the news.


Fresh Meat...
Get to know About Faces' two newest agents!


Hi there! I'm Vanessa

I'm a new booking agent with About Faces. I am very excited to be a part of such a great team of co-workers. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Living my first four years in the city, and then moving to Baltimore County when I was four and attended catholic schools in the area. I am very interested in all things that have to do with art, performing and beyond.  I have been active in the theatre community since about 5 years old, spending most of my summers performing at The Arena Players in Downtown Baltimore. After graduating from The Seton Keough High School, I decided to pursue this passion at Towson University. I am a recent graduate of Towson with a BS in Theatre with a concentration in acting. I hope to one day pursue acting full time, but I will never forget my lovely friends here at About Faces when that day comes.   


-Vanessa Buenger 



Hi everyone,

My name is Justin and currently I work for About Faces Entertainment LLC.  I was born in Silver Spring, MD on a cold day in January.  My parents soon moved from Silver Spring to Columbia, MD where I spent the largest portion of my life thus far.  While there I was privy to the typical suburbanite lifestyle.  Soccer practice, swimming pools, and playing video games were usually how I spent my free time.  In high school I managed to convince my parents to let me restore an old car, and thus I was able to receive a 1967 Ford Mustang from them.  I have not received a birthday gift since, unless you count me living under their roof and eating their food as a gift, for which I am greatly appreciative of.  My father and I have been restoring that thing for years, and it seems there is always something wrong with that machine.  Anyways, after high school I chose to go to college at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.  I had no idea what military college was like, but I soon found out.  After four years of learning what it's like to live under a bureaucracy, liberation day came in May of 2011 and they even gave us little certificates signifying we had survived the ordeal.  I work at About Faces because I enjoy working with artists and helping them feed themselves via the gigs we get them.  I'm also an Eagle Scout, no one really believes me when I tell them I am, but I am.  I like to draw.


-Justin Moon 



Another Satisfied Customer!


Ray [Caricature artist] is absolutely AMAZING and was the hit of our party last night !!!  He drew caricatures for five hours straight without a break.  Ray made [a caricature] as a surprise for my wife from a photo before the party . . . He captured her perfectly and exceeded my wildest expectation.  We had 53 guests and almost everyone left with a caricature that was just so beautiful and will be a lasting memory for them of this milestone celebration for my wife.

  -Joseph, FL



We kept Trudy [Caricature Artist] an hour longer than expected!  She was GREAT and everybody had a great time!!  Thanks for all your help.  - Chrissy, OH


I just wanted to follow up and say a big THANK YOU to you and your team. The Caricaturist [Andy M.], Face Painter [Patty P.], and Balloon artist [Dustin Q.] were all wonderful.

Everyone showed up right on time and did a fabulous job. The Balloon guy was phenomenal-- he made all the kids very happy.  -Samantha, MD