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About Faces Entertainment's December 2011 Newsletter

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It's that time of year! Winter coats, hot cocoa, and most importantly...holiday parties. So, whether you are hosting a big corporate event or a small get together for your closest friends and family, we have the holiday entertainment you are looking for. Thinking you want Santa to make an appearance at your event? About Faces is the place for you. We may even be able to convince him to bring a few elves along. Maybe you want a face painter to paint some jolly faces at your holiday event! We have got you covered. About Faces can enhance your event with all of these things...and more! Email us today!



Featured Entertainer



Hi! It's Mark Hoffman, Oops the Clown and Mr. Funnyman.  I have been performing stage shows and doing children's entertainment for 25 years.  When I started I was emceeing, creating and performing skits, giving object lessons and puppet shows for large events up to 600 kids.  About 15 years ago I began doing parties, shows, and corporate events as Oops the Clown or Mr. Funnyman (festive costume, balloon hat, no make-up).  I perform in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC.


I believe I have been given a gift to make people (especially children) laugh. Of the many gifts I have, the one I think that has the most effect on my entertainment is my gift of discernment.   I have a very strong ability to read people, and be able to adjust my style accordingly  Give me a few minutes with most kids and I can win them over, no matter what makes them tick. They will be smiling and maybe even laughing hard by the time our interaction is done.   When I am making a balloon or painting a face, I don't want anyone to walk away with just a balloon in their hand or their face looking cool.  I want them to have had a special experience with someone who they now feel a connection with.  I want them to leave the event or party saying "That was the most fun I have ever had at a party!"


About nine years ago, my daughter had open heart surgery at Fairfax Hospital and my wife and I lived there (Ronald McDonald House, how appropriate is that) for 29 days.  About two weeks in, I had to do a party as Oops the Clown that I had scheduled months before. When I returned back to the hospital (in clown), the nurse told me of a nine year old girl on the oncology floor who probably would not survive too much longer.  I went into her room which was somber and I approached her gently, starting up a one way conversation with her.  She was very depressed. Slowly, I engaged her and asked if I could do a trick for her, then another, then a balloon.  When I passed gas with the balloon, she started laughing hard.  I spent some of the most precious minutes of my life laughing and interacting with this sweet little girl.  As I left, she gave me a big hug and thanked me for coming and being her friend.


The events where I can connect with another person are my favorite types of events.   It gives me a big rush and it motivates me to get more of that reaction.  So, if you want a balloon or a kid face painted and that's all, call someone who throws on a costume or does those things only to make money.  If you want the kids (and adults) at your event to have their own special moment of laughter and joy, think about having Oops the Clown or Mr. Funnyman come to your event.   Also know that my experience with About Faces is that they strive to bring on only the entertainers like me.  So, if I am not available, check out some of their other fun characters.  Many of them are my friends and mentors.




The Journey of the Clown


Drama, music, dance, wit, acrobatics, juggling, acting, props, fantastic costumes and of course, makeup are all things that come to mind. Throughout the Middle Ages, kings and nobles had their clowns (fools and court jesters) for entertainment. They were always considered to be privileged characters, as long as what they said and did amused their masters. These clowns were often gifted musicians, mimics, skilled dancers, and acrobats.


On the old English stage a clown was a privileged laugh provoker. Shakespeare elevated the clown on stage by giving him a speaking part, and using him as "comic relief" to ease the tension in his tragedies. In France, the Pierrot, in his signature costume and powdered face, was a happy, lighthearted clown. Pierrot was usually an accomplished dancer as well. Italy gave us Pantaloon: a clown of serious face and baggy trousers. From Italy, too, came the interpretation of the clown as a tragic figure. One could often see this clown laughing while his heart was breaking. Germany gave us the painted clown face, often showing no personal expression. The German costume of the character called Pickelherring, has evolved into what we now recognize as the typical clown, with over-sized shoes and a ruff at the collar.


It is evident that clowning has come a long way since its origins in the Middle Ages. It is clear that this form of entertainment will never go out of style. So, no matter the type, era or origin, a clown can bring more than just a silly face to your event. About Faces knows that you are the king (or queen) of your event. We will be sure that you are amused. So, email us today to book your clown, and let the laughs begin!



Another Satisfied Customer!


He {Roger H.-caricature artist} was AMAZING!!! We kept him an extra hour because we were having so much fun. Thanks again for your prompt response and support in getting this together.-Joyce C., IL


Alex C {caricature artist} was fantastic - he arrived early, was a true professional, engaged all of our guests, and has an extraordinary talent - all in all he was a big hit with our guests!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, or About Faces to anyone looking for event entertainment - the entire process was seamless!-Kevin F., PA



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