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About Faces Entertainment's June 2011 Newsletter

about faces entertainment
Summertime, the season of barbeques, graduation parties, and bon-fires! What better way to remember these events then by having a caricature artist draw at your event! Email us today to book your caricature artist, before it's too late!

Featured Entertainer Chuck Bollinger!


chuck b bollinger

 Chuck Bollinger 



Where do you Serve?:

I have been known to serve my wife breakfast in bed on occasion, but I entertain in the Baltimore/Washington area, Northern VA, Southern PA, Delaware, and anywhere else I can get work.


What type of Entertainment do you Provide?:

I am a Comedy Magician, Juggler, Balloonatic, Hypnotist, and Power Hitting Third Baseman for the Baltimore Orioles (but only in my dreams).  I'm currently  working on a Mentalism show, and The Prof. Hiram G. Balderdash All American Medicine Show.


Number of years in the business:

More than I thought possible: 33 years and counting.


How did you get into the entertainment business?

I made a wrong turn; I was looking for the Rite Aid.  But if I can be serious for a moment (not very likely), I was working as house manager for the Baltimore Theatre Project, and while watching a magic show, I suddenly realized how a rope trick was done.  I spoke to the magician afterwards and he taught me a few more tricks.  After a bit more study,  I began performing professionally soon after.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


What's your favorite type of event?

The paying type (are these jokes getting worse?).  I actually like all kinds of events.  I'm just as comfortable performing for a child's birthday party, as doing close magic for a cocktail party. 


What's your most memorable event?

After 33 years, I've had quite a few memorable experiences  -    meeting celebrities like Andre Braugher, Red Skelton, and Steve Allen; performing at the White House and chatting with President and Mrs. Reagan.  But I think my most memorable performance came as a member of Big Apple Circus Clown Care.  My first week of in hospital training, my Instructor/Clown Partner and I came to the Bone Marrow Transplant Ward.  After thoroughly scrubbing and donning gowns, gloves and masks, we entered the sterile, sealed hallway just as a five year old patient, flanked by two nurses, was beginning his painful daily walk.  We decided to initiate a game of Catch the Clown, and moments later this young man forgot about his pain, and was gleefully running around the hall trying to

Catch the Clown.  The nurses were amazed that this boy was walking, much less running.  This helped me to understand what a powerful positive  influence play and entertainment can have.  I'll never forget it!

The History of Father's Day!


 caricature by rene pulido

Father-Son Caricature By Rene P. California 


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington, first proposed the idea of a father's day in 1909. Sonora Dodd wanted a special day to celebrate and acknowledge her father, William Smart. After becoming a widower, he raised six children as a single parent.

The first Father's day celebration occurred on June 19, 1910, because it was the month of Smart's birth.

In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father's Day. However, the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers occurred in 1966. President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made Father's Day permanent in 1972.

Father's Day has become a day to honor your father, but also a day to honor all men who act as father figures, including uncles, stepfathers, brothers, and grandfathers.


Meet Our Newbie!


Mandi Everts 



Mandi Everts

Mandi is an aspiring freelance photographer who loves to evoke emotion in every moment she captures. She also indulges in other passions that include the love of music (especially the kind made of metal) Ice skating, animals, drawing, Disney (especially all things The Lion King) Japanese culture, and Hockey (she's a Detroit Red Wings fan till death)



Another Satisfied Customer!


Everything was terrific. Christine [Caricature Artist] was GREAT!!  I believe you already got a booking from someone who was at my party!!  Would definitely use you again in the future!! - Karen H, NJ.


I was very pleased with Laura [Caricature Artist]. She was set up and ready to go before the event began. She stayed busy the entire evening and did great work. We had other activities that evening, but she was the most popular! - Marla M, VA. 


We recently had Pete M [Caricature Artist] drawing caricatures in our tradeshow booth at a Life Sciences event.  His drawings were a huge draw to our booth and the quality of his work was more than I expected.  Comments were very favorable as to his work.  We originally contracted him from 10 am - 3 pm each day.  It was so busy one day that I asked him to stay on longer and he agreed.  He never stopped drawing for the 3 days that he was there.  He kept things moving along nicely without detracting from the quality of the caricatures.  My client and I would most definitely consider using your company again - and in particular, Pete M - if we should be in the San Fran area again. - Linda M, CA 


We love hearing your comments and questions, so if you have a suggestion for future articles or artists' features, or if you would like to book someone right away, send us an email

or give us a call at 1-800-923-8669!




Aryn Everts
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