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About Faces Entertainment's November 2011 Newsletter

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November 2011
Happy Thanksgiving
November: The month of fall festivals, hay rides, pumpkins and warm apple cider! This month also marks the initial bustle of the holiday season. All good reasons to celebrate and book an event! We have all your entertainment needs from caricature artists and face painters, to impersonators and fortune tellers...and everything inbetween!  Email us today to book your next event! 

face painter maddy b



Where do you serve?


Central Ohio is my home, but I have family in both Cleveland and Cincinnati, so I frequently accept bookings in those area to schedule family time.  Since I also teach at conventions and private classes, I travel all over the country, and take bookings along the way.


What type of entertainment do you provide? 


Face Painting, Airbrush Temporary Tattoos, Body Painting, and of course, Balloon Twisting, for corporate and public events, as well as private parties.

How many years have you been in the business?


It's hard to believe that I have been doing what I love for 15 years!  I can still remember calling my sister to boast that I had "a sale" that month - ha!



How did you get into the entertainment business?  


I was a laid off computer programmer; talk about polar opposite careers!  I would never have willingly walked away from the imagined job security and structure of corporate life to become an artist, what responsible adult does that? 

I have always been artistic and have painted since I was young, but never believed I could make a living doing what I love, until circumstances nudged me to try - wow! 


What's your favorite type of event?  


I truly love to entertain at large parties and public events like grand openings and community gatherings.  At these settings, the parents are usually there with the children, so mom and dad get to witness their little ones having fun, and transforming into their face painting character.  It's such a joy to be part of encouraging the children to have fun and use their imagination without the aid of video games or computers.  The kids become Tigers and Robots and Pixie Fairies - it's so much fun to share this moment with their family.


What's your most memorable event? 


My first booking - I was so nervous!  I was afraid that I would not be good enough to make the children and their parents happy.  But the first little boy I painted, who was bald due to his chemotherapy, sat down next to me, put his little hand in mine, and sang "You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine" - true story, honest, and he sang it over and over again!  He melted my heart, dashed away any clouds of nervousness, and convinced me that I had absolutely made the right career choice.  It was a beautiful start to my new career!

New Team Member:
 Matthew Berry
new employee matthew berry

Name is Berry, Matthew...Berry. I recently received the luxury of joining the creative group of agents at About Faces Entertainment. I was born in the tropical city of St. Paul, Minnesota but have spent most of my life in the Jousting State of Maryland. I find tranquility on the ice, playing hockey every chance I get. The gym is my second home and I visit every morning before work to warm my biceps up for making and receiving all of our excellent clients' calls. The enduring challenge of triathlons also makes its way into my life every other year. I enjoy rooting for the Vikings and Twins although they obviously are not hearing my support. I have, however, been a Capitals fan since I moved to Maryland 15 years ago. ROCK THE RED! I have started to draw again (haven't in a VERY long time) thanks to the inspiration of everyone in the office being 5-star artists. I am an entrepreneur at heart and plan to have my own business sometime in the future but for now, I'll be helping you all get the excellent entertainment that About Faces Entertainment offers!


 The Twist on Balloon Sculpting
balloon sculpture by maddy b



The art of balloon sculpting dates as far back to the age of the Aztecs and has a bit of a gruesome origin, as they would make air filled "shapes" out of the entrails of animals. These were presented to the gods as gifts to be used as ornaments for their shrines. During the Renaissance, jesters and troubadours were known to inflate the entrails of recently butchered animals to "entertain" crowds with them as well. Thus the idea of the balloon and its many possibilities was born. The exact origins of the modern-day rubber balloon is unknown; some say that balloon animals began in 1939 at a magician's convention led by Herman Bonnert of Pennsylvania. Around that same time, another source mentions Henry Maar, performing a Vaudeville Act in Chicago, where he made animals shapes for children. Yet another reference cites Frank Zacone from Ohio and his balloon twisting act in 1940. Regardless of who should be credited, the art form has won the hearts of many and has continued to grow in popularity, particularly over the last several decades. The creative element is boundless, and the shapes can be as simple or as elaborate as one's taste and imagination allows. These squeaky, floating, and colorful balloon shapes have captured the hearts of both the young and young-at-heart. For your next event, be sure to include this twist-tastic, whimsical energy to entertain and amaze all of your guests!



Another Satisfied Customer! 


Our Face Painter, Ashley P. {Face Painter}, was the absolute best.  Although the weather was not cooperating, she arrived on time and also made suggestions of other activities she could do to help the picnic be a success. She was great with the kids and adults - her artistic designs were amazing and everyone was very pleased with her and her work.  I hope next year that we will be able to book Ashley again.  She definitely was a true professional. --Lois A., VA



It was a pleasure to work with your organization! We had two events and you sent out Robin D. {Caricature Artist} and Sumeyya R. {Henna artist}.  They were fabulous!  Great customer service was provided by each artist.  We look forward to working with you again in the future. --Wilma M., MI



We want to hear from you! 


We love hearing your comments and questions, so if you have a suggestion for future articles or artists' features, or if you would like to book someone right away, send us an email or give us a call!




Aryn Everts 


About Faces Entertainment