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About Faces Entertainment's February 2012 Newsletter

February 2012
Love is in the air! Here at About Faces, that means Valentine's Day parties! Sounds strange, huh? We don't think so! What better way to make Valentine's Day something special, then to have a super fun couples party with a caricature artist there to make the night memorable! You can even order pre-printed paper to give your theme that extra bit if pizazz! No valentine this year? Who cares! Have some friends over, and make some fun out of it. A singles caricature is just as fun as a couples caricature! Email us today, so we can tie up those last minute Valentine's Day plans for you. Hurry up! February 14th is right around the corner!
A little late notice for those Valentine's Day plans? Not to worry. About Faces would love to make sure that you have a great St. Patrick's Day as well. March 17th will creep up on us before we can even blink our eyes. What better way to enjoy the day, than to have a face painter there to draw some festive St. Patrick's Day designs on the faces of you and your guests? Not into face paint? That's okay! We have plenty more to offer, including, but not limited to caricature artists, balloon sculptors, henna artists, and more!Email us today to make this festive parties of yours even more wonderful!





As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, all of us can favorably reminisce about our grade school days. We remember those times when Valentine's Day meant that we got to skip our lessons and spend time with friends making Valentines for our parents out of construction paper, glue, glitter and love. Now a days, as adults, we tend to forget about the happiness that those simple handmade valentines used to give our loved ones. Why not consider bringing the simplicity of the childhood Valentine's Day back to our family and friends? How about having having a balloon sculptor create a larger than life bouquet, or a caricature artist make an unforgettable image that your sweetheart would never forget? About Faces can certainly help you out with this sweet task! Now go invite all of your friends over for a super fun valentine gift making party, and we will do the rest. Email us today! It's not too late!


Featured Entertainer
 Kerry M.!

Where do you Serve?:

 Southern California, mostly Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties


What type of Entertainment do you Provide?:

Caricature Artist


Number of years in the business:

10 years at Universal Hollywood, 8 years on my own 


How did you get into the entertainment business?

Desperation, haha!  After the publisher that I was doing Children's book illustrations for went out of business, I needed a more steady income to support my growing family. So, a colleague helped me get a gig at Universal drawing caricatures.  After 10 years, I moved on and continued doing occasional gigs on the weekends while working various fulltime, art related jobs.  Three years ago, circumstances helped me make that liberating decision to become my own boss, and happily go the party route. I am having a blast!!


What's your favorite type of event?

Wherever there is a party, and people are laughing and having a great time!!


What's your most memorable event?

I have entertained at many awesome parties, but the one burned in most vividly was a birthday party amongst a group who do Renaissance fairs together. Their friendship and drinking combined at the party certainly made for quite an entertaining evening!!  What had me in awe was their craftsmanship:  hand sewn, elaborate, period costumes; distinctly unique, handcrafted and amazingly painted wooden steins; painstakingly formed (and heavy) chain mail; and various leatherwork pieces. The challenge for me was including many of these elements into their drawings, and they seemed very pleased with my efforts. I was fascinated by their talent, stories and knowledge of the Renaissance era!  They were so fun, I ended up staying hours after the gig. I'm not quite sure who entertained whom!

Another Satisfied Customer!

"It went really well!  Our artist (Lothar S.) was a big hit and everyone was very excited to get their sketches done.  He worked very quickly and his pictures were both funny and creative.  If we have another party we'll definitely use you again! " Marlen K., IL.

"Our Joan Rivers impersonator (Sherri L.)was a HUGE hit with our guests! She had them laughing and smiling the whole way down the red carpet. My only regret is that I didn't have her stay for the entire event! Thanks so much for once again providing us with a superior entertainer!" Denise P., MD  


"Good Morning! I am writing to let you know that Jaki (caricature artist)did a wonderful job at our party. She was the "surprise entertainment". Everyone enjoyed having their caricatures done. It was a huge success! I would never have dreamed that everyone would have so much fun with it. Jaki is very friendly and easy to work with. I am more than completely satisfied. Thank you again!"  Linda W., KS 





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Vanessa Buenger  


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