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About Faces Entertainment's January 2012 Newsletter

January 2012
Woo! We all made it through the holiday season. It got a little crazy there for a while. Now its time to kick back, relax, and plan that crazy super bowl party. Whether your team makes it or not, it's always fun to eat junk food and scream at the TV. Most importantly, though, what's a super bowl party without some entertainment? You know you want a face painter there to make sure you and your guests look the part! About Faces can give your party that extra boost by sending a face painter to paint your teams logo. They could even put some war paint on your faces so all of those opposing fans know that you mean business. Don't want to paint your face? How about a caricature artist to come and sketch you and your friends in your team's jersey? The possibilities are endless! So, email us today to reserve your entertainment. February is right around the corner. GO TEAM!

Where do you Serve?: I serve Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland 


What type of Entertainment do you Provide?: Face Painting


Number of years in the business: 11 years


How did you get into the entertainment business?: I was teaching an art class in our homeschool co-op and the mom assigned to help me had a caricature and face painting business.  She needed help and recruited me. I loved getting out, meeting people, and having a chance to use my art skills. 


What's your favorite type of event?: My favorite type of event is birthday parties and picnics where I am not extremely rushed and have a few moments to put the special touches on my art work.  I love it when the kids look in the mirror and have a "wow" look on their face.


What's your most memorable event?: My most memorable event was when I face painted at a picnic for a homeschool co-op that I teach in.  It was special because I knew a lot of the kids from my art class, and had seen them grow up over the years. The week before I had spent some time teaching some of the teenagers how to face paint.  They took turns helping me, and it was amazing.



Another Satisfied Customer!

The Face painter {Lynette E.-face painter}  that you sent us was THE BOMB!!!!!! We absolutely loved her!  She was very professional and extremely creative with her paintings.....For example, she politely asked a child what he would like painted on his face, and he responded "Michael Jackson". Of course all of the adults in the room twisted our heads in confusion wondering how would she pull this off.  Well, let me tell you... She made probably one of the best (actually the only) Michael Jackson face art anyone had seen.  She was definitely the highlight of my company's Halloween Party and I will definitely use her again next year! -Yanday S., DC


Julian {Julian K.-caricature artist} was absolutely wonderful.  Very professional and he did an outstanding job with the drawings.  Everyone loved their caricature and it truly added to the success of my event.  I would definitely hire him again.-Christina P, VA  


We want to hear from you! 


We love hearing your comments and questions. So, if you have a suggestion for future articles or artists' features, or if you would like to book someone right away, send us an email or give us a call!




 Vanessa Buenger 


About Faces Entertainment




Face Painting: A Sporting Tradition


We all love to put our energy into something that gives us emotion. Furthermore, we love to support the things we know to be fun and entertaining. After all, we are always on a pursuit of happiness. So, why not go crazy? Why not be that diehard fan that will stand in the crowd for hours in below freezing temperatures adorning only body paint to cheer on that winning team? About Faces would LOVE to help you with that!


Even the football players get into the spirit with face paint. Did you ever wonder why football players wear black paint under their eyes? It's actually a dark grease material that has very practical use for these players. It was originally used to reduce sunlight glare to the eyes, and reduce contrast sensitivity. This allowed them to be able to locate the ball in the air without any obstruction of vision. In addition to this practical use of this "glare grease"; players will often add white numbers and words in an expressive way. This includes, but is not limited to home zip codes, bible passages, and "shout-outs" for creative fun. Once in a while, the grease is used for intimidation purposes often seen on defensive players. This style is often referred to as "War Paint." Whether or not you're a player making a statement on the field, or a fan in the stands, an About Faces painter could come to your next tailgate party to help you get ready for the big game! Email or call us today to reserve your face painter. You will definitely look like the most devoted fan at the party!



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