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About Faces Entertainment's November 2012 Newsletter

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November Newsletter

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What's Up This November
Featured Entertainer
Origins of Tarot Cards
Happy November!
Now it's full-blown fall, and even though it may be chilly, you can still have a party. Fall festivals and autumn picnics are not only super easy to plan with the help of About Faces, but also can get even COOLER if you book a balloon artist, face painter, or any other kind of entertainer So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call 1-800-923-8669 or email us right now!

November's Featured Entertainer is...
Ryan H!!!

Caricature Artist in Northwestern Ohio  


How did you get into the entertainment business?


I started to do bookings a couple of years after I got started drawing caricatures at theme parks. My friend, a fellow artist, was also a booking agent and started using me at parties. 


How long have you been doing caricatures?

 I've been drawing professionally for over 17 years. 


What is your favorite type of event?


I like after-proms. Everybody looks great, most folks are having a great time, and I'm a night-owl so I don't mind the crazy hours. 


What was the most memorable event you've ever worked at?

A wedding reception at the Cincinatti Reds ballpark. Everything was themed, I had a nighttime view of the park, and Mr. Red Legs danced with one of my customers (it was HILARIOUS!). 

Additional Info: 


I love doing events, interacting with everyone, and making them smile. I've worked many different gigs in many different venues and every single time it's the laughs and joking around that make them all fun! I love what I do and I love contributing to the special and important events in other people's lives. 




Fortune Telling          Origins of Tarot Cards 
Playing cards probably first came to Europe in the fourteenth century, initially from the Middle East. Gypsies began using them to tell fortunes. Tarot cards have recently become more intricate and complicated than a standard deck of cards, but playing cards are still used today for fortune telling. For instance, some believe that an ace signals the start of a new romance, and a nine means that your dreams will come true in some way or another. Fortune telling is a mysterious business!
To email an agent and book a fortune teller (or any other entertainer), click here.
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Barbara M-Fortune Teller
That's the scoop for November! Thanks for reading! And have fun this fall, everyone!
Kayleigh Hasson
About Faces Entertainment