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About Faces Entertainment's September 2012 Newsletter

About Faces Entertainment
                September 2012
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Magic Fun Facts 

The magic words "hocus pocus" and "abracadabra"(not please and thank you) are more than just gibberish. "Hocus pocus" was taken from Norse mythology, after Ochus Bochus, a demonic sorceror. "Abracadabra" comes from early medieval times, during the Black Plague. Amulets with this inscription were worn to keep away the disease:
"Please" and "thank you" are derived from French, Latin, Dutch, and German roots. These words were first used during the Middle Ages, the same time period as "abracadabra" and "hocus pocus"! Coincidence?

Hello Everyone!

It's September! School has started, Labor Day has passed, and with Patriot Day right around the corner, you're running out of time to schedule summer shindigs. Fortunately, About Faces agents are waiting by the phone, ready to book entertainers for any get-together you've planned. Call (800-923-8669) or email us now!
September's Featured Entertainer is...


Walter W!

Walter Wayman Party Caricature

Where do you serve?

Baltimore, D.C., and surrounding areas.


What type of entertainment do you provide? 

I'm a Caricature Artist...probably the best I've seen! :)


How long have you been in the business?

I started doing Caricatures in 2004 and then stopped when I joined the Navy in 2006. I just picked up the marker again this past January, so 3 years total, but a period of 6 years. 


How did you get into the entertainment business, specifically caricatures? 

I started doing caricatures after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Since I only had an associates degree, I realized that I had no chance in the animation field. My interest was also waning. So, my career counselor found a job for me doing caricatures at the Pittsburgh Zoo.


What's your favorite type of event? 

I love working company picnics. Watching the politics unfold, and seeing all the workplace personalities...it's hilarious. 


What's your most memorable event? 

Chick-Fil-A, the parents were insane, and it ran late. Oh, and there was the kid that totally beefed [complained the whole time] while in the chair. 


What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about your work? 
When people say that they love a drawing...it's awesome, but to me the biggest compliment is when you hear the giggles and laughs coming from the crowd behind you, and the explosion of laughter when the model finally sees it. That, to me, is the nicest thing. 

What About Faces Agents say about Walter:


He is kind of new but he has helped us out in of a lot of binds with last minute events and everyone has loved him!


Walter is awesome!


We love hearing from you!
If you want to book a party, give us a call (800-923-8669) or email. You can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp! pages to comment on entertainers. Your comment could be featured in next month's newsletter! Don't forget to check out the website, too.


Kayleigh Hasson
About Faces Entertainment

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