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About Faces Entertainment's April 2013 Newsletter

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Happy Belated Easter!
We hope you had a great time yesterday! Next time you want to book an event--maybe for Earth Day, Mother's Day, or even Memorial Day-- think of us! Would your guests like to have their faces painted? Or would they be in the mood for a caricature? Whatever the case, About Faces can provide you with any number of great entertainers to make any get-together really special. 

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Your Feedback
From our Facebook page
Kimberly commented on our Facebook page, "I was completely satisfied with the professional services that I received for my party. The Caricature artist was a big hit with the adults and the Magician impressed the children of ALL ages at the party. I will definitely use About Faces to book entertainment for future parties."
Thanks, Kimberly!
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April's Featured Entertainer...Heather Y!
 Face Painter and Henna Tattoo Artist in Pittsburg, PA
Heather Y


How did you get into the business?  I had a friend who was painting cheek art with acrylic craft paint at a local "Night Out" event.  She called and asked me if I could help her.  At that time I had no experience painting faces and wasn't very good with a paint brush.  My first unicorn looked a lot like Scooby Doo with purple hair, but the kids were great!  I turned the mirror to the first child and got that great big smile and I was hooked!  I started adding glitter to everything.


How long have you been doing this?  I think that first event was around 2001.  I made it my full time business the following year, so it's been 11 years now but I have been drawing henna since I was in High School.  That's a lot longer than 11 years ago. (28 years.)


What is the most memorable event you ever worked at?  I have so many great memories!  Celtic Fling at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival several years ago comes to mind.  I was painting the Vendor Coordinator's son's face and I put him to sleep.  

I also painted at Lunch with Santa at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium one winter where I was more popular than Santa.  The kids were all in line to get their faces painted and no one wanted to get out of line to go talk to Santa.  I kept telling them I'd be there when they got back, but they just wouldn't get out of line until they were painted.


Why do you like doing what you do?  How can you not like drawing on people and getting paid for it?  I really love face painting because I get to make so many children smile!  I live for the high fives and the smiles when they look in my mirror.  I never was very good at getting up at the same time every day to go sit at a desk in an office.  I enjoy being able to go somewhere different every time I work and seeing different people each time. 


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***April Fools! It's really April 1st. Have a great month, everyone!

Kayleigh Hasson
About Faces Entertainment