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About Faces Entertainment's April 2014 Newsletter

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April Newsletter from About Faces Entertainment
Happy April!
You may not know it, but opportunities to plan a party are sneaking up on you. Now that it's getting a little warmer, are you thinking about planning ahead for a summer party? Well, it's a good idea. If you aren't, you should be. And if you are, you're going to need entertainment! Caricature artists or clowns are great entertainers for any age group. They'll keep your guests smiling and laughing. Balloon sculptors can make you that balloon friend you've always wanted. Stilt walkers are excellent outdoor entertainers. In fact, we would not recommend having a stilt walker indoors if you have any low ceilings.
It's definitely not too early to book a May event! Cinco de Mayo is just over a month away, and it definitely calls for una fiesta! About Faces Entertainment has perfect entertainers for any event. Call 1-800-923-8669 or email us to book an event now!
April's Featured Entertainer is...Chris C, an Arizona Caricature Artist

Describe the type of entertainment you provide. I entertain people of all ages with live caricature and portrait drawings.


When and how did you get into this business? My professional start was in 2005, moonlighting at Busch Gardens, Tampa, while teaching computer graphics software at a local college. That's the year I discovered that markers and crayons are more fun than computers, and I became a kid again!


What is the most memorable event at which you have worked? My most memorable event was this last New Year's Eve. It was a big party in Scottsdale. After drawing almost everybody there, they asked me to stay and ring in the New Year with them, so I did. I've discovered that people bond with you when you draw them with some soul!


What's something that you'd like everyone to know about you? I'd like people to know that when I'm drawing live, I get a "perma-grin" going that I just can't hide. It must be contagious--I'm able to get the guests to laugh without having to tell corny jokes in order to capture their smiles on paper!


Entertainment for Colleges and Universities
Are you a Student Activities Director? Check out the College Event Entertainment page on our website! About Faces has lots of great entertainers for any college event. We have provided entertainment for over 70 different kinds of events at over 80 different universities. Email us to find out more!


Find the Fraud
Something in this newsletter is incorrect, in honor of April Fool's Day. Email me when you find it. If you're right, we'll double the value of your coupon (same rules apply).
Extra brownie points for finding the spelling error!
Your Feedback
Amanda L said, "Can't believe how talented our caricature artist was! Our booth was a hit and he was so nice and personable. I will definitely use this service again in the future."
Thanks, Amanda!

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Have a great April! Look for the next About Faces Entertainment newsletter in early May! 
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