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About Faces Entertainment's May 2014 Newsletter

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Message from Benny

Benny the office dog is currently engaged in a furious training regimen for a May triathlon.  Mostly he runs the path around the lake, slips out from under his leash and dives into the lake to explain to the geese that it is, indeed, his lake.  Upon his return to running the path, he will, occasionally, slip the leash and bolt through the soccer fields adjacent to the lake to explain to the children playing that all soccer balls belong to him.  He has yet to master cycling, but he's confident that it will not prove to be much of a challenge.  Here he is, cogitating on the matter.

benny sleeping

About Faces Entertainment's May Newsletter

Happy May!

Holidays coming up this month are Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Are you planning a picnic? We have great entertainers for any kind of event! In June, a mere blink of an eye away, we have Flag Day, Father's Day, and the Summer Solstice. It's finally getting warmer...Now that's worth celebrating! And it's about time to plan some kind of festivities, whether it be for your company, school, family, or friends. Would your guests like to be able to take home a cartoony, exaggerated portrait of themselves? Then think about hiring a caricature artist. How about a face painter? Your guests would sport lovely designs on their cheeks. Or, will you finally satisfy your guests' longing for a balloon friend? For that daunting task, you're definitely going to need a balloon sculptor

In any case, About Faces Entertainment has a variety of entertainers to choose from. Check out our website to find an entertainer that's perfect for your event. You can also email us or call us at 1-800-923-8669.

party hats

5 Ways You Can Tell Your Party Stunk

  1. The guests all left before the party even actually started. Difficult to do, maybe, but the party was just that bad.
  2. The next day, everyone who had briefly shown up at your party was laughing and whispering, but as soon as you got close enough to make out what they were saying, they started innocently whistling and pretending to be fascinated with something seemingly invisible in the distance. 
  3. Your super friendly pet squirrel decided to hide under the table for the entire duration of the party. Granted, the party did not actually last that long, but your squirrel is just always so outgoing!
  4. Your guests made up excuses to leave like "I have to give my pet rock a shower" and "I promised my great aunt's neighbor's cousin's granddaughter that I'd teach her to play the glockenspiel".
  5. There was no entertainment from About Faces Entertainment!

Thankfully, there's an easy fix to these problems. Hire entertainment now!

Have a great National Salad Month! 
Don't forget to check back next month for About Faces Entertainment's next newsletter. We wish you luck in all of your party-planning endeavors.

Kayleigh Hasson

About Faces Entertainment