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About Faces Entertainment's December 2015 Newsletter

About Faces Entertainment December 2015 Newsletter
Happy Holidays!
No one can wait for the holiday season to begin, and neither can About Faces! We have entertainers for your every need. Crazy clowns and cool caricature artists for your wonderful Christmas parties, marvelous magicians and fabulous face painters for your festive Kwanzaa celebrations, and magnificent mimes and breathtaking balloon sculptors for every day of Hanukkah. Make this holiday season unforgettable with About Faces Entertainment!
The Featured Entertainer is Ali T
Ali T: I draw caricatures for the Great State of PA, which more often than not includes Amish Country and its surrounding areas. I have drawn one Amish person, and she loved it!

I left college expecting to be an art teacher for the rest of my life, but deep down I knew that wasn't for me. After two years of misery in that field, I got a summer job at Hershey Park drawing caricatures because it sounded fun. I was hooked after my first summer, and I've been doing them ever since.

The most memorable event I've worked at was a private party in York. The birthday boy's name was Scott and he saved up his pennies all year to throw a huge bash for his family and friends. He stopped by about every 15 minutes or so to make sure we were eating one of everything on the menu (all delicious) and to just watch and joke with us. Near the end, he unveiled a seafood bar that blew my socks off. Best host, best people, best food.

One thing I'd like everyone to know about me is that I might be made out of cupcakes; I love them so darn much.
Hear From The Characters You Love: Christmas Wishes
Recently, four of my close friends reached out to me to share what their ideal Christmas present would be. 
#1: Alice in Wonderland

"What I really think would be perfect is a pet. My kitten Dinah could certainly use a friend to spend time with while I'm busy exploring. Maybe another kitten? Maybe a bunny? Oh, as long as it doesn't carry a stopwatch with it!" 
#2: Sherlock Holmes

"What do I want for Christmas? I'm interested in something challenging. Puzzling. Like a Rubix cube, but maybe with 20 or so sides -- What do you say, Watson?"
#3: Pocahontas

"I don't need any paints, of course, because I can paint with all the colors of the wind. But I'm running out of canvases...I'd really like some new ones for Christmas."
#4: Hermione Granger

"There are some really wonderful books I've been wanting to read. Let's see, there's Merlin's Biography,The Lion, The Witch, And You- Know- Who, the list goes on and on! Oh, and if you see any particularly large encyclopedias, would you mind picking one up for me? Suffice it to say, I would just love a nice, thick book for Christmas. But make sure you don't send it by owl -- he gets a little lost sometimes."
Thanks for reading! Hope it made you smile, just a little bit!

Book entertainment right now and get ready for the party of your life! Have a fantastic time celebrating with About Faces!

Wishing you a very happy holiday season,
Audrey and Kayleigh Hasson
Newsletter Editors
About Faces Entertainment

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