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About Faces Entertainment's November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 Newsletter
Time For November!

Get ready to turn back your clocks to start a new month!  From birthday parties to holiday events, we can find you the perfect entertainer for any occasion! Keep reading to find out about a few strange requests About Faces has gotten. And if you are thinking ahead, don't leave About Faces behind in the holiday season! Make everyone's day by hiring a face painter to paint fabulous designs! Book now and we'll see what we can do for your events!

Wall of Strange Requests
Typically, we get inquiries for caricature artists, face painters, magicians, and all the other options that we promote on our site to our clients for events. This we accomplish easily enough, because it is what we were designed to do.  But every now and then, we get a really off the wall client inquiry.  If they turn out to be real, those go on our Wall of Strange Requests. 
There was the client who contacted us, looking for a caricature artist to paint caricatures in Ketchup, to promote their What-A-Burger franchise. We've had requests for yo-yo performers and dog psychics, for a stilt walking Jesus rising up out of the water on stilts, for henna artists to henna the guests' eyelids, for caricature artists to draw on tiny glass boards and for a balloon sculptor to provide a five foot balloon bride (just the bride...I know.  We didn't ask). There was the client that just called recently, inquiring about booking a little person, who would paint her face white and sit in a room amidst a number of similarly sized porcelain dolls, only to occasionally move, just a little bit, to creep out the party guests in the room. One client wrote us an email which read, and I'm quoting, "My almost 13 year old granddaughter just got her period.  We would like to celebrate this to help her appreciate womanhood."  She did not specify what kind of entertainment she wanted.  Maybe we should have sent her the Ketchup artist? There was the client who contacted us who wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of their new Lenovo PC, by having a digital caricature artist draw caricatures with a carrot to demonstrate how the touchscreen recognizes any touch.  They called them Carrot-catures. Our Wall of Strange Requests continues to be an ongoing source of entertainment for all of us working at the AF office.

Rave Reviews!

Here's some feedback from our clients, telling you how entertaining About Faces can be!

A huge hit!

It went wonderfully well. [Caricature artist] Bill W. was a huge hit with our guests. His artistry, his affability, his skill and flexibility were much appreciated, and I look forward to engaging him again.

Louise T.

Nothing but Good Reviews!

I heard nothing but good comments about [caricature artist] Erica M.! I would definitely use Erica and About Faces again!

Judy Stallings - Randle Law Office

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November Fun Facts

Zodiac Sign: Loyal Scorpio

When a Scorpio's alarm clock goes off on a weekend, they will respond by calmly turning off their alarm and going back to sleep, but inwardly fuming.
When a Scorpio's mother falls ill on the day of an important job interview, the Scorpio will cancel or reschedule the interview and rush to her mother.

Birthstone: Dazzling Topaz

There is a story of a cursed topaz. Horrible things would happen to the wearer. A man given it experienced such until his wife, desperate to help him, took the topaz and freely accepted it, the only way she could free her husband from the curse. The man was relieved, until he saw his wife's suffering. He took the topaz back, declaring, " I will not be the one to condemn you to this fate, my love." Two weeks later he fell down the stairs and died. *


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