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About Faces Entertainment's October 2015 Newsletter

Are You Ready For October?
October is coming, and right around the corner are a few holidays you can celebrate with About Faces. Find a amazing caricature artist for your Fall Festival at the About Faces website. There are a few uncommon holidays too, like It's My Party Day,* Possess The Office
Dog Day,** Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day,* and Increase Your Psychic Powers Day.* About Faces can make even a Moldy Cheese Day* party fantastic!

*They exist! holidayinsights.com.
**This one I made up.
Trick- or- Treat!
You are probably wondering if I forgot about October's best holiday. Rest assured, I didn't. But you have already read about Moldy Cheese Day. So what are you asking me about? What's that? Halloween? Oh, right. This holiday is so overrated. You just walk around asking for candy. And you can dress up in costumes. What's so fun about getting delicious candy and wearing awesome costumes, anyway? Well, if you really want to, you can probably find the perfect kind of face painter to completely glam up your costumes. Or a fabulous clown to keep you from being scared the entire 31st. On the About Faces website, you can find the perfect entertainer to make this holiday worthwhile.
 Drum roll, please...
The Featured Entertainer of the Month is Allison G!    

What type of entertainment does she provide?
Alison G is a skilled caricature artist and a amazing face painter. She's patient with everyone, and her energy is going to make your party awesome!

When and how did she get into this business?  
Alison G started working with About Faces as soon as we went nation-wide. That was over 10 years ago, and it's been quite a successful alliance.  Alison loves people.  She loves to use her skills and sense of fun to help them intensify their important experiences.  

What was the most memorable event she ever worked at?  
Alison has a hard time answering this. She likes to really get into whatever event she is currently at, so for her, her recent event is the most memorable.
 When we asked her this question, Alison G recalled an event from last weekend.  She had been given the honor of drawing a caricature of a 94-year-old woman.  Getting past the wrinkles and seeing the emotion instead. While thinking about this touching event, Alison G has been remembering many of the cute kittens, graceful tigers, beautiful princesses, and brave Superheroes that she's face painted in the past.  
What is the one thing she'd like everyone to know about her?
She's had a lot of experience, and cares about you. She can only hope you will give her the opportunity to do as much as she can for you.

This is some of Alison's work as a face painter and caricature artist.

Now that you've read this, book About Faces for your party! Thanks for reading!
Until next month,
Newsletter Editor

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