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About Faces Entertainment's December 2016 Newsletter

Here comes the holiday season!
Get ready to have a great month! Let a face painter join youHanukkah celebration seven times in a row, or spice up your Kwanzaa with a henna artist! The more the merrier for your Christmas parties -- invite a caricature artist along to spread the joy! It's the holiday season, and love and magic are floating in the air. Experience the true beauty of this dazzling time of year with About Faces!
Benny's Message:
Benny was going to wish you a merry holiday season, and a good time at your party with About Faces. That was before he realized the only truth in life is eating plastic orange footballs, and that anything else is not nearly as important. However, we decided that this picture was enough holiday cheer. We've also included one of Benny's many witty quotes below.

"The only truth in life is eating plastic orange footballs, and anything else is not nearly as important."
- Benny the Office Dog
The Featured Entertainer:
Casey F, Caricature Artist!
1. Describe the type of entertainment you provide.
I have the incredible job of drawing caricatures at parties and events around South LA. I get to be silly AND make art. Basically, what I do is compare every face to the average face, and accentuate all the differences for humor. 
2. When and how did you get into this business?
In sophomore year of high school (2005), my friend approached me about getting a job in the Art Department at the local Six Flags so she could get a hire-a-friend bonus. She had seen my graphite portraits, and she believed in me. That was the first of 7 summers there. Then I left the park to travel with different work crews across the country at county and state fairs. It was a wacky, lovely, exhilarating journey, where I met some of my favorite people. And finally, I settled in Los Angeles,
Caricature by Casey F
where I can avoid winter until the end of time. 
3. What is the most memorable event you have ever worked at?
Hard to say! One time I drew at a mega-church, like the kind that has a Starbucks inside, in between the sermons. Another time, I drew at a birthday party that was not just carnival themed, but actually a carnival. She had a Ferris wheel, and a band, and taco trucks, and she wasn't even turning a round number. But the one that stands out the most to me was at a preschool graduation party in the fancypants side of Hollywood. David Lynch (who is a legendary surrealist/thriller movie director) was ten feet away from me, happily and humbly painting daisies on kids' faces. 
4. What is one thing you'd like everyone (clients) to know about you? 
Even though It's been literally a dozen years that I've been doing this, I haven't lost my enthusiasm. I love drawing, and I really enjoy myself at these events.
Book entertainment now! Email us by clicking the link below or by responding to this email. You can also call us at 1-800-92-FUNNY or visit our website. Hope your holiday season is fantastic!
Until next month,
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