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It's almost October, and Halloween is near.
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Nightmare Before Halloween!
A true account from a scared slumberer

It was the middle of the night, but I wasn't tired. I snuck past Mom and Dad's room and downstairs to the living room to watch some TV.  But in the middle of a show, I realized I had to pee! Soon I was in the bathroom, minding my own business, when the doorknob began to turn. "Oh no!" I thought, "Mom will see I'm up and she'll be mad at me!" The door slowly creaked open, a hand coming around the corner, and when it was open I turned protectively in a half second. 
Because it wasn't Mom. It was a little girl.
"Are you done yet?" she asked, unsmiling, brown bangs falling over a big forehead. Her head just reached the doorknob, and I'd hazard a guess at her age at six or seven. 
"Who are you?" I asked. She closed the door without answering. 
I shook my head. "Tired, Audrey, you're just tired," I told myself. I went back to the couch and watched some more TV, but I couldn't focus on it anymore. When I finally gave up, the clock read 1:00 am. I headed back to my bed, wearily. But I couldn't get to sleep... because I had to go to the bathroom.
There I was, in the bathroom, still minding my own business, when the doorknob began to turn. "Oh no!" I thought, "Mom's going to see I'm still up and she'll be mad at me!" The door creaked open, and when a figure appeared in the doorway, I started.
Because it wasn't Mom. It was a little girl. 
The same little girl.
"Are you done yet?" she said, although not with the anxiety someone who had to go would put in their words. "Who are you?" I asked. She closed the door without answering.
Thoroughly unsettled, I took to bed, convincing myself I would feel better in the morning. 
I couldn't have been more wrong.
I awoke on the couch downstairs, though I clearly remembered collapsing in bed last night, upstairs. I mentally shrugged -- maybe I'd fallen asleep watching TV? Two ding!s from my phone interrupted my yawn -- two texts. 
I didn't check them.
 I made my way upstairs, and heard footsteps behind me.
I didn't turn around.
At the top of the stairs, I pulled out my phone and checked the texts. An SOS, from Mom and my sister. Stomach dropping, I turned around. It was the little girl from last night, red eyes gleaming in the morning light. I choked on a scream, glimpsing my mom and sister in their rooms, lying on their sides, blood trickling down their sides. The little girl leapt at me.
And then I woke up.
Paul Z, Featured Entertainer!
Lincoln & Omaha, NE
Caricature Artist

What would your dream gig be?
My dream gig would be drawing caricatures inside the Henry Doorly Zoo for the client Warren Buffett. In my fantasy, in walks Jimmy Buffett with margarita in hand and approaches me to be sketched, stating, "Don't forget to draw my flip flops!"

What''s the most memorable event you've worked?
Drawing caricatures for client ConAgra in Estes Park, Colorado back in 1992. There were maybe four or five caricaturists, sketching our hearts out in that fresh mountain air for maybe four hours. One observer even commented, "Rock solid, dude!"

What makes you love art?
I was working the Nebraska State Fair in my hometown Lincoln, NE, in the mid 1990s. I was drawing a couple celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. A good crowd had gathered behind, watching every stroke as my marker captured this wonderful couple. When done with this drawing, I showed the couple the finished product. The crowd behind applauded and cheered, and the couple was more than elated. That is what makes me love art!!
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