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About Faces Entertainment's February 2017 Newsletter

It's that time of year again -- chocolates, love, and a substantial amount of snowy sludge surrounds us. But you don't need a significant other if you have About Faces! We'll accompany you to every party, and even Mom will be impressed.

February, another month of opportunity. Celebrate the Super Bowl with food, friends, and face painters! You can have the kind of party where every couple gets drawn by a caricature artist. Since that kind of party doesn't actually exist... You can create that kind of party! Have fun and party hard with About Faces this month.
Did You Know?
 Superbowl and Valentine's Day
  • Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day of the year for food consumption in the US, the first being Thanksgiving
  • More pizza is sold during the Superbowl if the score is tighter (although you might have to loosen your belt)
  • One out of every twelve people only watch the football game for the commercials
  • George W. Bush (pictured to the left) was once the head cheerleader at Phillips Academy 
  • The priciest Superbowl seats were sold for $20,500 last year
  • Patrick Bertoletti holds the Philadelphia wing-eating record after having eaten 444 chicken wings in the 23rd annual Wing Bowl. Now that's something to consider when ordering your Superbowl snacks!
  • The average amount a man spends on Valentine's Day is $130
  • There are approximately 50 million roses given on Valentine's Day around the world
  • Singles Awareness Day, or S.A.D., is also February 14th (As if anyone needed an extra reminder they're single on Valentine's Day)
  • There are enough candy hearts made each year to stretch from Valentine, Arizona to Rome, Italy, and back again. That's about 8 billion candy hearts!
  • About three percent of pet owners give Valentine's Day presents to their pets. (We're part of the 97%)
Benny is depressed that he doesn't have a date for Valentine's Day....Or maybe it's that he can't get the tissues out of the box in order to eat them. We're not sure.
Sources: Wikipedia, thefw.com, money.cnn.com, mentalfloss.com, reuters.com
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