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About Faces Entertainment's May 2017 Newsletter

Good Morning, it's May!
Feel the warm breeze! Smell the flowers! Sneeze, because you're highly allergic to pollen! It's May!
Let's break out the henna artists for Cinco De Mayo and bring on the face painters for that Memorial weekend BBQ!  Let's let loose caricature artists for your company picnic and capture magicians for the perfect Mother's Day celebration! About Faces has got you covered on all your entertainment.
Face painting by Yogi S.
It was going to be a good photo. Then he sneezed.
Ahhchoo-Bout Faces!
Puppies sneezing are the kind of adorable that sends you reaching for a tissue. But Benny the Office Dog is here to send you someplace more special. "Arf, Achoo-Bout Faces!" Are the wise words of this canine. Experts* are 28% sure this translates to "Book About Faces!" (well, either that or "Chicken rolls, About Faces!").  Can you really ignore that adorable face? Yeah, neither can we. Book About Faces today by calling 1-800-92-FUNNY, clicking on the link in my name, or replying to this email.

*Qualified by the Office Dog himself. Rumored to have bribed him with belly rubs.
Henna by Paula T
We're a hit!

A Huge Hit!

We absolutely [loved] Amanda - she was a huge hit and had a line all night long! We couldn't be happier! Thank you again for the outstanding artist - she truly made our event!!!
Shannon - Bain & Company, Inc.
Amanda C the fortune teller made Shannon's event special! Visit her page today!

Paula was FANTASTIC!

Paula was FANTASTIC! My daughter & her friends were thrilled when she showed up & introduced herself as "the henna artist"!
She was so easy to work with and very accommodating to the guests. I appreciate that she was mindful of her time & made sure that she saw every guest. Her artwork was beautiful.
She was fun & engaging while she worked. I would definitely use her again & recommend her to anyone looking for a henna artist.
She made a special dinner a fabulous occasion.
Gina - Houston, TX
Paula T is the kind of henna artist you want at your event! Visit her page today!

Well, that's all for now. Make sure to keep About Faces in mind for your next event! Book us by calling 1-800-92-FUNNY, clicking on the link in my name, or responding to this email.

Until next time,
Newsletter Co-Editors