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About Faces Entertainment's November 2017 Newsletter

November's Next!

And when I say next, I mean next in the line of months to go before the holiday season. Next -- and last! Really, what else is there to look forward to in November? Chapped lips and runny noses? All in all, it's a pretty boring month, right?

Maybe on the outside, November seems rather dreary, and then a little farther inside still seems dreary, but in the heart of this under-appreciated month is a party waiting to happen. Instead of looking at the next thirty days as thirty mores days to get through, start sending invitations! It's hay-carriage-and-corn-maze style fall festival time! Invite the whole block! Invite the whole neighborhood! Even those odd people who never leave their house but look at you strangely from their dormer windows! And most importantly, invite About Faces! Our entertainers are the perfect prescription to an otherwise painful November.
Eyes on the Prize
Eyes on the prize, he reminded himself. In an instant, Benny turned from the lovable office pet to a furry criminal mastermind, the four legged antagonist of countless unsolved scandals. Scandals, thought Benny smugly, as clever as stealing socks that were still on people's feet.
He was nearly positive they hadn't noticed him.  But he shook off that thought now, focusing on the mission ahead: Attempted Dish Towel Robbery.  Carefully, the sly, ninety pound dog snatched the towel and stealthily trotted off, with no one the wiser. Brimming with confidence and a mouthful of dish towel,  Benny relaxed in his secret lair (located very secretly in the center of the living room carpet) and used his new treasure as a pillow. Thievery, after all, is tiring.

Inspired by Benny's daring mission? You can snatch away a prize too! About Faces' amazing supply of entertainment is a steal any day! Plot your event today!

Face Painter Alison G.
Recent Reviews That Will Make You Go Ooh!

The entertainers were awesome! Wendy, Maria and Alison were amazing! They had great energy and were very receptive with the crowds!
- Sandra Heintz, Human Resources Manager USA Eastern Territory College for Officer Training, The Salvation Army

Honestly, Kenny is the best! Not only did he work through all 4 hours but he was always so pleasant. And his work is magnificent. We wanted a family portrait and he was able to do it and it came out great. It's so much fun just watching him do the sketches. I will be recommending him for any future events for either business or personal.
- Charlene Vargas, Wight & Company, Darien IL

Do you see this as the bottom of a page? I see it as the beginning of a movement... "More Entertaining Novembers." And now it's your turn! Book your event right now by visiting our website, replying to this email, clicking on the link in my name, or calling 1-800-92-FUNNY. Have a great time at your event and a wonderful November.
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