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About Faces Entertainment's September 2017 Newsletter


Adriana B
Face Painter
Allyson L Caricature Artist

Fall has finally ended another hot summer, but it doesn't have to end your fun! Face painters are the perfect entertainment to welcome a freshman class to your college, and caricature artists are a must-have for the back to school list. About Faces is the place to start in planning your fall festivities!

A-Plus Reviews

CEO very pleased!

Just wanted to let you know that both artists (balloon artist Chuck F and caricature artist Peter S) did an excellent job and were very personable. Our CEO was very pleased and is interested in using them again next year!
Sarah, ARServices

Everyone was talented and well presented.

Great event topped off by great caricature artists (Jason C, Jerry S and Rich C)! Thank you for taking care of this. Everyone was talented, well presented, and performed admirably. Thanks for your help and we will keep you in mind for any future events.
Cliff- Nova Biomedical in Waltham, MA

From Ruff to Buff

Ruffing, I raced out of the porch door at lightning speed. With the ease of a professional, I hurtled myself into the garden and ignored the bushes that were always in the way. I could take the pain. But I was utterly unprepared for the sight I met next. The scoundrel's bushy tail, scuttling out of my reach! I stood still, catching my breath. He wouldn't get away with this again. Tomorrow, my training began.

"Benny! Benny! Benjamin Hasson, drop that this instant!" My faithful trainer Mom cheered, chasing as I dragged a weight around the house. She sounded angry, but I knew that was just her way of motivating me to run faster. It was heavy, and the going was hard, but I knew what I was fighting for. That squirrel had another thing coming.
Wait. Squirrel? SQUIRREL!
Dropping the weight, I dashed to the backyard, paw pounding after paw. Leaping through the bushes with a mighty battle bark, I -- I--
The squirrel escaped. I failed.

I slunk back into the house, dripping with self pity. But, to my surprise, I was greeted by applause!
"Next time, pup," Dad was saying. He sounded proud. I licked his clapping hands, and then his face, too. He scratched behind my ears and I did a victory dance. And although the squirrel was still on the loose, I'm pretty sure I won. 

Well, I got a treat, anyway.

College Events

Organizing a college event? About Faces offers a variety of entertainment, from henna tattoo artists to magicians, to fill your welcoming party with laughter and fun. Our services are perfect for spring flings, sports games, and all types of university gatherings. Visit our site to learn more about About Faces' entertainment options for your college event.
Now is the time to make your event fabulous! Book About Faces right now by calling 1 800 92 FUNNY, clicking on the link in my name, or just replying to this email! Have a great party with About Faces!

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