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About Faces Entertainment's August 2018 Newsletter

The faces being painted at your company picnic. The faces being drawn at the neighborhood barbecue. The faces smiling, laughing, enjoying themselves along with the entertainers as they experience unique moments created by About Faces. That's what August is about. About. Faces. (Say it three times fast, then click the link and book entertainment.
August's Featured Entertainer: Terry J!
I am a face painter and body artist. I love painting kids faces, adults faces, pregnant bellies, bald heads, cheeks, hands, arms, legs... if it moves I’ll paint it. 
I started painting professionally about 13 years ago. I’ve always been an artsy person doing many things: cake decorating, jewelry making, painting, drawing, and more. I’ve also been a musician since childhood, playing several instruments, singing, writing music and even had a band for about 7 years. 
My entry into face painting came when I came home from doing some face painting at church - before I really knew what l “real” face painting was. A friend had mentioned that we could probably make some money at a local festival, which I mentioned to my 20 yr. old daughter. She’s a real go-getter and the next thing I knew I was a face painter. 
Thirteen years later I’m still painting and loving it. The smiles from the kids and adults alike are what I enjoy the most. 
The most fun I’ve had painting involves the opportunity I had to paint a guy who was bald. He brought his daughter to a Halloween fright place I was at and decided to get his done too. He told me to do whatever I wanted and gave me free reign over how he would look.
I decided to make his head into an evil pumpkin. It turned out better that I had hoped. I loved it, he loved it, and his daughter was thrilled.
He came back the following year too and allowed me to do whatever I wanted. I made his head look like he had no skin-just tendons and muscles. So much fun!
In my life I’ve always believed that a professional is someone who gives more than they get from their job. I taught my kids this as they grew and have seen them excellent in their professions because of that mindset. I always do my best to do this with every face I paint. 
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You deserve to eat a peach at a picnic and have family fun time and maybe tell your special friend you love them. And you could admit you're happy. Oh, and do it in August. Because August is Peach Month and National Picnic Month and Family Fun Month. And Romance Awareness Month and Admit You're Happy Month. So you know, just fit it in there. 
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