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About Faces Entertainment's December 2018 Newsletter

Happy Holidays!
That's right -- tis the season to book About Faces! If you haven't yet, it's high time to ho ho head over to our website and take a look at our entertainers. You still have time! Real friends will come to your Secret Santa swap even if you plan it a little late. (Although they might need some encouragement -- caricature artists help.) But your holiday window is closing! Tis also the season to start planning to have your happy New Year's Eve party. Face painters put the boom in fireworks! And who to make your midnight more magical than a magician? You don't need ribbons or bows this December -- About Faces is the only thing required to tie together 2018.
I draw traditional and digital caricatures.

When I was in high school, I began drawing caricatures for our school newspaper. I started drawing for events and Michael's, then worked in theme parks for ten years. I drew at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Sea World in San Diego, and Six Flags in Dallas. These days I just draw at special events, and it blows my mind that I turned something that I did in high school into a professional career.
My most memorable event with About Faces was drawing digital pet caricatures at an event at the Dallas Gaylord Resort. One of Petco's suppliers, Healthy Pet, used me to draw attention to their display at a Petco Managers Conference. People would show me pictures of their pets, which I drew on my Surface Pro and printed out on badges that they could wear, thus showing off their cats, dogs, or even chickens and porcupines. After 8 hours of that I was pretty wiped out, but it was a lot of fun.

My art style sets me apart -- in every sketch I aim to infuse just as much appeal as I do humor, so that everyone will love their sketch for years to come.
The Season
of Giving
There's a reason we chose to build an agency that gives.
We're going to give you a smooth and stress-free booking process.
We're going to give you the kind of entertainment that turns an event into a party -- like the ornament that turns a pine tree into a Christmas tree.
We're going to give you smiles, laughs, and good cheer.
About Faces is the company that gives year-round.
Book About Faces right now by emailing us or calling us at 1-800-92-FUNNY today! Have a great holiday season.
Thanks for reading! Until next month,
Newsletter Editor