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About Faces Entertainment's January 2018 Newsletter

Here Goes 2018!

You're going to stick to your resolution this year. You really are. Especially since you know that it'll just make everyone happy, and a happy employee party is much preferable to the alternative. (There was a 
reason Bob didn't get a raise.) Pepping up your party game and throwing the most memorable events of the year kind of does seem like a tall order though, in retrospect. But at About Faces, we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be. A few calls, and you've got caricature artists making your guests laugh, face painters painting smiles on birthday girls, and magicians pulling that perfect party feeling out of their hats. For huge, corporate events, or even just a sweet sixteen,  About Faces has got you covered.

Entertainers So Awesome People Emailed Us Saying, "Hey, these entertainers are awesome!" Or Something Like That
Joshua was outstanding!! He showed up early and was able to get set up and get prepared without being rushed. We would absolutely use him again and recommend him to anyone looking for a great magician.
Cheryl H, Superior Woods- Superior Township, MI

Everything went very well! Kalpana was punctual, very professional, and respectful. We would definitely use her again should we have another event. 
Latalvia P- College Park, GA

We loved Ray SO MUCH! Can't wait to have him again! THANK YOU!
Nicole S- Montclair, NJ

Click any of the above links to reach these entertainers yourself! Here at About Faces, we know you'll love your event, be it with these three or any other artist on the About Faces website.
The Igloo, the Intruder, and the Office Dog
Benny stiffened. His nose was picking up the scent of an intruder. Awkwardly maneuvering in a full circle -- which he could do inside of his spacious home, he thought proudly -- he spotted the issue. His owner had slipped in headfirst, and now was cleverly hiding in an all black coat against the white snow. Advancing intimidatingly with a whine, Benny contemplated the punishment he would dole out to his unsuspecting victim. 
His owner was quivering, maybe with cold, but probably with fear.  Meanwhile, Benny became momentarily distracted as he thoughts of bacon flitted through his head.  Shaking that thought out of his head, Benny focused, concocting a brilliant plan.  He counted down until he reached 27, and Pounce! With the eagerness of a puppy, though he was well into adulthood, Benny licked the intruder's face thoroughly and happily.  The victim responded with a splutter, a smile and a laugh, all tell-tale signs of victory for Benny.
Defeated and humiliated, his owner surrendered and crawled out of the igloo. After making sure he was gone, Benny laid down with a contented sigh, and dreamt of bacon.  Again.

What? Were you waiting for the part where Benny advertises for some company, About Faces Entertainment, subtly (as is the way of the office dog, a very subtle canine)? Were you waiting for him to suggest that you call 1-800-92-FUNNY or reply to this email to book entertainment for your corporate event, or seasonal party?
Oh. Sorry to disappoint.
Congrats! You made it to the end of another About Faces newsletter! And hey, it's that time -- time to call 1-800-92-FUNNY, reply to this email, or click the link on my name. Perhaps the holiday season ended, but with About Faces Entertainment, any event can turn into the most wonderful time of the year.
Thanks for reading! Until next time,
Newsletter Editor
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