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About Faces Entertainment's July 2018 Newsletter

Celebrate Independence with About Faces! (And Hot Dogs!)
The fireworks are exploding with such patriotism that you feel it in your chest, and the boom feeling joins the darn, I forgot to hire entertainment! feeling. While it may be too late for Fourth of July entertainment, there's no need to repeat that mistake with the rest of your events! When the heat gets to be too much, bring a caricature artist to your pool party. When planning the big five-oh anniversary party for your parents, do not forget the entertainer. (Or the food, music, guests, AND face painter. The celebration would be slightly less enjoyable, lacking these factors. Likely just someone in a small room, sitting alone, in the dark, sadly eating their ramen noodles). Visit our website today to find entertainment for your event!
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Rockell Jackson:
Benny The Office Dog (Vol. #0033)
Benny, licking his arm.
In this rare moment, the Office Dog looks directly at the camera. Eerie.

?A Benny the Office Dog in the wild. Here, this majestic animal tries to unstick peanut butter from his tongue.

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