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About Faces Entertainment's March 2018 Newsletter

Marching Right Along
It's March, the month of basketball and luck, and 2018 is slipping by way too quickly. Make sure you aren't forgetting to make this year memorable with a few events and entertainers! Easter is right around the corner on April 1st, and you don't have that much time to hide your eggs and book your entertainment! Face painters can make everyone look like the Easter Bunny for a day. Speaking of time, do you fall under the "Oh No I Still Need To Book Entertainment For The St. Patrick's Day Party" category? About Faces has you covered -- not just for St. Patty's but for all your entertainment needs.
""Everything went really well... The artists did an excellent job and were well received."
-Colleen, from Philips.com
Have you been planning a corporate event? This is client feedback from a office party last March, which just goes to show that March is the perfect time to book entertainment. James, to the left, is a magician in Ohio who really put the magic into this event.
Nikki, an About Faces henna artist, dazzled the party goers along side James. Her henna is pictured to the right. Fun Fact: Nikki makes her own henna paste.
End point: There's no time to waste. James and Nikki had a fantastic time last year, and you can replicate that with your own corporate event or office party. Visit our website to book entertainment today.
Letter To The Editor

Lately. I've been thinking up some confusing things. I commute to work every day, as I always do. I eat everything, as I always do. I sleep with Duck and Avocado in the same bed, as I always do. (Pictures are enclosed for clarification.) But everything I'm thinking is different. For example, the other morning at breakfast, I caught myself wondering: Is this diet food? Like, I've noticed some rolls that aren't quite muscle, but is that really necessary?

Horrible thoughts! Here's another that nearly led to an existential crisis on the way to work: Where did that tennis ball go?
As you can see, I've been very perplexed. Can you help me out?

Benny the Office Dog
A Worried Canine
P.S. Book About Faces Entertainment right now! Reply to this email or call 1-800-92-FUNNY to add entertainment to your event today!
Newsletter Editor

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