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About Faces Entertainment's May 2018 Newsletter

noun: May; plural noun: Mays
  1. the fifth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of spring.
  2. the month during which you finally give in and hire some of that amazing entertainment you've been hearing so much about for your event
"In May, you went to the About Faces website, viewed their entertainers (such as
May Magic: A PSA
Magicians are definitely underrated. Caricature artists can't make their work disappear. Face painters don't know what card you picked. Henna artists can't pull a bunny out of a hat. Yet magicians are grouped with these people in the general "entertainment" category. Injustice. Appreciate a magician today.
Benny The Office Dog (Vol. #032)
The office dog urged the car to go faster. He was en route to a very important interview -- one he was conducting -- and it was imperative that he arrive promptly.
Once at the office, he sat behind his desk to meet a prospective employee.

Before long, a short, brown-haired woman stepped in.
"Name?" Benny asked.
"I'm Andrea, and I'm here to-- Oh." Andrea looked around the room quizzically. "Hey, boy! They did say this was the room..."
Benny swiped at the keyboard experimentally with his paw. Yes. That was good.
"Well, Andrea, will you respectfully give helpful assistance through emails and calls to those that want to book entertainment?"
Andrea groaned a bit, glaring at the dog, who was now barking wildly.
Benny licked the keys with a frown. "What do you think is your greatest weakness?" He tried.
Andrea smacked her forehead with her hand. "I knew I shouldn't have come this early... If only I wasn't such an overachiever." With another glance at the dog, she dug through her purse and pulled out a small bag.
Benny's nostrils flared, sniffing wildly. "Here, boy," called Andrea, throwing the Labrador a bone-shaped dog treat.
"Hired," Benny woofed decisively.
The End! Now you have a few options. You can scroll up to click on one of those intriguing links, reply to this email, or call 1-800-92-FUNNY. That's all you need to do to get started on booking entertainment for your event!
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