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About Faces Entertainment's November 2018 Newsletter

No Way? November!
Yes, people and party-throwers, it is November! This is of utmost importance to you because today is the day to start your holiday planning! Now is the time to get hyped for hosting a Christmas bash for all two hundred employees in your office building, or a Hanukkah hurrah with a dozen people to every candle on the menorah! December is the most wonderful month of the year, but November is when you get to get excited. So start your planning now, and don't forget the entertainment! Are you going to be the Grinch that steals [the caricature artists from] Christmas? Would you celebrate Kwanzaa without a face painter? Winter festivals without balloon artists?
You would be wrong.
Benny the Office Dog Volume 0034: The Fateful Fountain
?(including an exclusive from the convict canine himself!)
"If you'd have seen it... The day was hot, my restraint was low, and the fountain -- it was beautiful."
-Benny the Office Dog

We should've known when we saw him, his eyes locked on the man-made geyser bursting into the air. Hindsight is 20/20, and this documentation only proves that we should've seen this coming.
"It didn't seem to be a decision to me then, but I look back and I see myself contemplating the pros without weighing the cons..."
-Benny The Office Dog

"I took the jump."
-Benny the Office Dog

You can see the smile on his little furry face in this shot. He's proud. It's a slippery slope, Benjamin -- and that refers to both your situation and the walls of that fountain.
"That fountain was filled with not just water but also my sorrow and regret... I was irrevocably stuck."
-Benny the Office Dog

If you have ever watched your dog plunge into a fountain he cannot jump out of, you may have experienced the same sense of impending doom we felt as we helplessly begged him to make good decisions.
"But that's what dads are for."
-Benny the Office Dog

Small cameo of our boss and founder here at About Faces, Mike Hasson... Responsible for bringing in pastries on Friday mornings and hoisting the Office Dog out of fountains.
"I may have damaged my pride. I may have soaked Dad's pants and socks. I may have been impulsive. I may have regrets. I may not, but what matters now is that I have a stick.
-Benny the Office Dog
Fantastic Feedback!

Helen was terrific! She was on time, professional, and wonderful with the children. She even had child-friendly henna for my four year old son! I would highly recommend her!

Christina Minaudo - Rockville Centre, NY

Brandy was FABULOUS! We will definitely look forward to having her in the future! She did a great job and we had many happy faces! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Kami Minor - Colonial Presbyterian Church
Another newsletter done! Now it's time to call 1-800-92-FUNNY and book your entertainment today!
Thanks for reading! Until next month,
Newsletter Editor