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About Faces Entertainment's December 2019 Newsletter

December Delights
There's no scent quite like Christmas cookies in the oven, no morning more beautiful than the one covered in snow. December is the month of music and love, romance and family, ice skating and candle lighting. The holiday season is a month of happiness, and About Faces wants to celebrate it with you. Our magicians can light your menorahs with a snap of their fingers. And whether or not Cindy Lou Who gets that pony, our caricature artists can draw her with it. Santa might have a twinkle in his eyes, but with glitter paint, our face painters can give you your own sparkle. About Faces can be the gumdrops on your gingerbread house this December!
December's Featured Entertainer: Jonathan A, Juggler!
I provide an award winning juggling, magic, unicycling and comedy show.

I started juggling when I was 12 and was doing shows by the time I was 14. I started doing magic when I was 15 and quickly incorporated it into my show. I started performing at Kings Dominion Theme Park when I was 15 and continued through high School. During college I performed one summer at Busch Gardens and three years at Walt Disney World. Today, I've been enjoying this profession for over 20 years.
I have done shows at The White House, a three year stint at Walt Disney World. I have performed in all 50 states and in over 50 different countries. The most memorable event was when I was performing at a festival in Richmond. A gentleman told me it was the best show that he had ever seen, and gave me a $100 bill in my hat.

I would like people to know that I absolutely love what I do and take every event and show very personally. I give it all I have. I am so happy to say that this is what I do full time, and that I look forward to it each and every time. I live for it.
Biggest Loser: What's the worst Christmas present you've gotten?
I did not receive this one, but I did see it given and received: my friend Tom was dating a girl he felt maybe could stand to lose a few pounds around the middle. His Christmas gift to her was an ab roller.
Ketchup. A year's worth.
I got a poop emoji onesie last year. I’m 27.
In the most iconic dad move on the planet, my dad gets me 5 of the exact same mini LED flashlights every single year, for “just in case the power goes out- gotta be prepared!”
I have so many flashlights. Like 25+ flashlights. Please help me, I’m drowning in flashlights.
(I love you Dad, thank you for the flashlights.)
Did someone say cheese sticks?
My (now estranged) aunt once gave me a self-help book because I “needed to do better and needed a reality check”…I was 13 and she hadn’t spoken to me in 3 years.
Abby Clark, Agent
My ex-boyfriend's mom got me cooking books a few years ago so I could “learn something useful”.
Until I turned 25, my aunt Laura would get me the same exact coat for Christmas, forgetting that she had already bought it for me the year before. This would be fine if my sister and I weren’t the only two people other than her family that she was buying gifts for.
The end of another newsletter and the end of a great year! Party even harder in 2020 and start planning the entertainment right now. Call 1-800-92-FUNNY or reply to this email to start booking right now!
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Until next year,
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