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About Faces Entertainment's January 2019 Newsletter

New Year? New Opportunity To Book!
Scenario: Your company has boomed into one of the major players in the last few years, and business has never been better. But you're the laughingstock of the business world, and it's because of your parties, not your profits. You majored in <insert-your-major>, not entertainment! It's not your fault that your every company picnic and Christmas party is as dull as a conference meeting. But never fear! That's why we're here
Maybe you're not aware of this, but we can tell you right now: If you aren't hiring About Faces, you're partying wrong. Our New Year's Resolution for you is to fill this hole in your company events and fundraising galas -- the new annual tradition can include a face painter or five. From our experience, paint is always followed by smiles on faces. Take a look at our entertainers now!
?The artist [Merritt Z.] was amazing. The students really enjoyed having her and appreciated her work. We look forward to using her again next year!

Faraah Mullings - Mount St. Mary's College
From what I saw, our students enjoyed having the caricature artist [Durrell O.]! Overall, I felt like it was very easy working with him! I am definitely hoping to work with him again in upcoming events.

Carolina Rodriguez, Cal State LA
Benny the Office Dog (Episode 0035)
Sometimes there are things that I just don't understand. The language barrier is really a thorn in my paw in times like these, so normally I just have to give people this look until they figure out that I'm confused.
Car rides, pets, and hanging out with my family all make me smile. But my favorite thing is my little blog right here where I get to make you guys smile, just like all the other entertainers at About Faces. I always feel so understood. But now our newsletter editor of the past three years is ending her tenure to pursue a full time career as Supergirl. I made the confused faces at her for a really long time, but I don't think she got it. In dire situations like these, I have to make exceptionally pouty faces so the vast extent of my sadness is clear.
I'd like to officially announce as the Office Dog that Kayleigh Hasson, a newsletter editor that retired four years ago, is replacing Audrey Hasson as our editor.
I know, you're sad that the newsletter ended so quickly! But it's okay, because now is the best part: Call 1-800-923-8669 or reply to this email and book your entertainment right now!
Thanks for reading! For the last time,
Audrey Hasson
Newsletter Editor
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