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About Faces Entertainment's July 2019 Newsletter

It's a Free Country!
So no need to hesitate! Yes, everyone is allowed to book About Faces Entertainment! King George III cannot stop you from having the summer barbecue of your life, with face painters decorating every face and caricature artists capturing every character on your guest list! I mean, the king can't stop you for a number of reasons, but our independence definitely plays into it. While one of our balloon sculptors makes you a red, white and blue balloon flower, talk off their ear about your national pride. And don't worry, even if you aren't shouting "God Bless America" from the rooftops, About Faces can still join your July events. Hot dog eating contest? Let a magician witness the magic of twenty hot dogs being eaten in half as many minutes. It takes a professional to spot the sleight of hand that allows the cheaters of these contests to succeed. Poof. Hot dog. Gone.
Benny the Office Dog, Volume #-0000012
They would be completely lost without me. If it weren't for the constant vigilance of a loyal Lab like myself, every squirrel and cat in the neighborhood would have free range in our backyard. But being an Office Dog, I'm above the average bear. Or dog. And I protect my people everywhere we go, even during our road trips. Constant vigilance!
I watch every car for signs of the squirrels. And sometimes, just to fool them, I pretend to be pretending to sleep. In reality, I am sleeping. But they don't know that. Thanks to me, my family has never once been threatened by a squirrel on a road trip. There was one squirrel that got kind of close, but that turned out to be my tail. Either way, I took care of it.
Fun on the Fourth!
About Faces has been entertaining Americans for a while! This event has been going on for three years, with the same two entertainers.

"I saw a lot of smiling faces and happy customers... I know it is a year away, but please put it on your radar for July 4th again next year."

Tim Lander, Town of Herndon Parks & Recreation
To the left is Bryan P, a balloon sculptor at About Faces, all decked out in Fourth of July gear. Above is Mark L, an About Faces stilt walker, practically ready to write the Declaration of Independence. This successful annual company picnic could be yours with the help of About Faces! Be like Tim. Think about next year now and reply to this email to start booking entertainment!
The time is nigh! The day has come! The clock says now! Pick up your phone and give us a call at 1-800-92-FUNNY or email us by replying to this email!
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Audrey Hasson
Newsletter Editor