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About Faces Entertainment's May 2019 Newsletter

May Mayhem!
The spring weather is lovely for a picnic, carnival, or luncheon - the possibilities are endless! And what better addition to your events than an incredible entertainer from About Faces? This month, save a seat at the picnic table for a caricature artist, or let a balloon sculptor create souvenirs from your spring festival.
Benny the Office Dog, Volume #0037
Benny is looking quite thoughtful this May.
It could be that he's having a hard time adjusting to his new gig as a professional model. In fact, for this photoshoot, Benny had to lie down while our photographer sprinkled cherry blossom petals on him. This was such a stark contrast from Benny's normal routine of lying down in the same place for several hours at a time. It's really no wonder he's so upset by this inconvenience.
MAY we offer you some advice?
Face paint by Suzanne G.
May is a month of anticipation. For students, school is almost over. Summer is near, and excitement is in the air. There are graduation parties, post-prom events, and Memorial Day picnics galore. About Faces has a few tips to navigate event planning this spring and summer season! For graduation parties, make sure to have a backup plan in case the weather decides not to cooperate. Booking an entertainer like a face painter or caricature artist who could set up outside OR indoors would be perfect. Indoor entertainment also gives guests the option to get out of the sun on hot days. If your venue is outside, try to find a shaded area - and don't forget the sunscreen!
April showers bring May flowers, and so do these balloon sculptors!
If you're looking for an entertainer to add to your spring theme, look no further than About Faces Entertainment! Here's some work by a few of our amazing balloon sculptors:
Balloon Bouquets by Donelle T. and Laura P.
We know that after reading this, your head is spinning with ideas about all the events you'll be planning this spring and summer. We're here to help! Email us or check out our website for more information. And don't forget to use coupon code "CHERRYBLOSSOM" if you're booking a May event.
Until next month,