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About Faces Entertainment's September 2019 Newsletter

At About Faces, we're beyond excited for sweater season. The kids are going back to school, and we have apple cider to sip and fall festivals to plan. We can solve all your planning woes with four simple words: henna artist hijacks hayride. Genius, we know.
What, hay isn't your thing? That's alright, we've got options. Face painters will be painting smiles on the guests of your barbecues. Nothing goes with the neighborhood block party like a caricature -- be the one to suggest hiring an artist. And let About Faces be the place you go to find one.
Benny the Office Dog Volume #000134
Animals have an instinct that goes beyond words or reasoning. They aren't held back by the same restraints humans are. They know what's right.
Bear with me for a second here: Benny is you, at your heart. The cheese is booking entertainment. We're tossing you the cheese.
Don't hold yourself back. Benny didn't.
Once Upon A September...
Last September saw some pretty awesome About Faces events, including a killer company crab fest! If you're throwing a company picnic and it doesn't involve crabs, tiny hammers, and nine entertainers, are you really throwing a company picnic? The artists below made up a third of the Crab Fest entertainment.
Henna Artist Marcela F is beyond talented, but don't just take my word for it. See for yourself!
Face Painter Patricia P is one of our most loved artists! Head over to her page to check her out.
Caricature Artist Kevin M probably looks even weirder than this in real life! Book him and see!
What are you waiting for? Honestly, you don't have to read this part. You can skip right to calling 1-800-92-FUNNY or replying to this email to book entertainment right now!
Thanks for reading!
Until next month,
Newsletter Editor