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About Faces Entertainment's August 2020 Newsletter

August Already?
Hasn't this summer just flown by? No?
At About Faces, we're working hard, and we miss you! Drawing caricatures gets very boring with no models. Face painters -- don't even get me started! Nothing to paint. The mimes are happy, we think, but they don't really say much. We're sending this email to remind you about our safe entertainment options. If the college orientations you're planning could use a magician, we promise ours will stay six feet away!
If an in-person orientation isn't in the cards, we still have all of our virtual options, available and ready to join your Zoom call. And if you've got an idea for your virtual event, we're all ears! We just did caricature art over Instagram Live, and we barely know how to work Instagram. We've always partied, and now we're getting a little creative with it.
Reasons to Celebrate
You might be feeling down, but there are plenty of reasons to party!
  1. You've made it this far in quarantine
  2. Chad Kempel ran a marathon while pushing his quintuplets (and set a world record)
  3. Wiggle Your Toes Day (August 6th)
  4. Benny the Office Dog was given his own pair of socks (he's a free elf now)
  5. Because the other option is not partying, and who wants that?
Look At This Cool Thing!
On Thursday, July 16th, Mike, Nick and Michael drew caricatures at a summer program event at the State University of New York. They were able to chat with the students they drew and make them laugh, and the students all went home with a fun keepsake. Just like we’ve done at hundreds of events in the past... almost.
But none of the artists were actually there. And none of the students were, either. The entire event was virtual, hosted on Zoom, and the artists were set up in separate virtual breakout rooms to draw the students one at a time, while students in the main room congregated and were able to view each caricature as they were completed. The keepsakes they took home were the images as shown above, which many used for profile pics on social media and to share with family and friends. 
You know what to do -- pick up a phone and punch in 1-800-92-FUNNY, or reply to this email to book your event today! Stay safe and healthy (and sane).
Thanks for reading! Until next time,
Newsletter Editor