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About Faces Entertainment's February 2020 Newsletter

Make February Fun!
2020 is already one month gone! Don't let February slip away without adding a little bit of fun. Bring a henna artist along to your Valentine's dance! Are you holding an event or party on President's Day weekend? Invite a caricature artist or face painter! You don't need a magician to add magic to the month. That being said, a magician definitely wouldn't hurt. In fact, you should go check out our magicians.
The Mime's Burden: Tales from Valentine's Day*
He pulls at his collar nervously, checking around the restaurant again and wondering if the outfit had been too much. He loosens his overall straps, fidgets with them, and tightens them again. Dress to impress, he reminds himself. It's a big day.
She says hello as she sits down, but her eyes don't meet his; they are busy checking out the paint on his face. He waves to her. She smiles.
"So, how are you?" She asks after a long pause. Thinking hard, he puts one hand out as if against an invisible wall in front of him, then to the side, then to the other side. "Trapped, huh? Nervous about something?"
He nods slowly, and all at once he knows he has to tell her right there. Taking her hand in one of his, he moves to gesture in the air -- but then he pauses, realizing that with all his preparation, he doesn't know how to pantomime this all important phrase. Eyes on hers, he realizes that he doesn't need to; she understands. Her hands slip into her bag, quickly pumping up a red balloon and twisting it into a heart. Handing it to him shyly, she says, "I love you too."

*This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
February Feature: Missi B, Face Painter!
I am a face painter in Pennsylvania.

I started face painting 11 years ago as a side gig to supplement my income as professional portrait artist.

Often a client will have no idea what to get painted on them. I tell them, "I am an artist in real life, I can do ANYTHING!", which has lead me to some really awesome paintings! A boy in Harrisburg was transformed to look like Michael Jackson. A teacher asked for a realistic brain to be painted on his bald head to illustrate his lesson in school the next day. A boy in Bethlehem showed me a photo of his dog and wanted his whole face painted to look like his dog... so sweet! Six awesome Dads have gotten Hello Kitty painted on them for their daughters at a birthday party.

The best and most memorable was doing a full face transformation for a singer/performer. On stage, they really looked like David Bowie, even though their face shape in real life was totally different! I was able to re-shape his jawline and cheekbones via face painting magic (and theatre make up technique). By the end, he was a divine onstage Ziggy Stardust!

I remember each and every child who climbs into my chair as a regular kid at a party or event and leaps out of that same chair less than a minute later as Spiderman, Ironman, a princess, unicorn, or a tiger or a leopard! It's the coolest part of my job, and it's delightful to watch at every event!
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Thanks for reading! Until next month,
Newsletter Editor